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Gentleman, when you "like" a porn star's photo on Instagram, it shows up on my feed and bums me out. Screenshot that shit and move on. #PSA
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Who put a mixed cd on my car? Reveal yourself.
I got London! What City Should You Actually Live In?… via @BuzzFeed
I do slow motion kissing when I make out. It's crazy sexual. I do eye contact a lot too and girls are always like "Damn" (in a good way).
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Pretty sure I read so much fantasy that if a cat were to suddenly start talking to me I'd just be like 'FINALLY, what took you so long?!' 😼
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Really wish @lordemusic would release the studio version of Good Fights
I write & erase to you all day.....
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"Silence is holy. It draws people together because only those who are comfortable with each other can sit without speaking." 💛
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Someone challenge me in QuizUp 😏
Cate Blanchett's cheekbones are unreal
Chris Hemsworth could so pull off the Khal Drogo look. In fact, all men should just hop on that trend ASAP.
Congrats to Leo for Wolf of Wall Street. Great movie. Still annoyed that he didn't win a Golden Globe for Titanic in 1998 tho. Just FYI.
Really peeved that Game of Thrones wasn't nominated in any category. #GoldenGlobes
Emma Watson is perfect
So down for the Golden Globes to have a "Best Actor in the Best Movie Ever" award and give it to Leonardo DiCaprio every year for Titanic.
Tom Hanks looks like the white version of my dad
Tonight: Golden Globes, Girls Season 3 premiere, Game of Thrones Season 4 trailer.
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My only real complaint about the Coachella lineup is that Celine Dion isn't on there
Remember when I tweeted about how cool it'd be for @hernameisbanks, @LanaDelRey, & @lordemusic to be at Coachella 2014? WELL IT'S HAPPENING.
I hope 2014 helps heal all the hearts that 2013 broke
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