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Gud morning Sinabung #outsideOfMyRoom
Good night wonderful world ❤️ Lets have a nice rest and be ready for a much more energetic & meaningful tmorrow.
Spent the day with all these wonderful people. Laughed wit them, sang together with them, and share stories with them. I believe in this old saying "you get what you give"... ❤️ it's not always easy to spread love and huge energy, but when you hold on to sincerity.... God will lead the way and give
Growing pains. But i believe, i still believe i am meant for this. I am in it to win it. This is just one phase. Of growth. And i love it.
Lets make a difference with love. Sentuh nyawa hati mereka, dan engkau bisa merubah dunia. Every child needs to know that they deserve happiness and love. Every mother needs to be appreciated, honoured, and be cared for. Every man has to know what they're worth and be truly respected. #30dayshappine
Observing. Doing need assessment.. Writing a new song. Oh...lets make a difference with love.
Staying here till tmorrow. Smoga manfaat dan barokah.. #pengungsian #korbansinabung
Somebody I admire said this: "Ga banyak orang yang bisa melakukan hal2 besar. Tapi banyak org yg bs mlakukan hal2 kecil dgn cinta yg besar."
Hampir sampai.... :) This will be nothing but happiness.
Whatever u r wearin, whenever u r staying, whatever u r riding. When u r truly happy, that memory will live forever.
I love nature ❤️ Subhanallah wallahuakbar
"@dyaniied: Entah kenapa suka banget ngeliat gaya berhijabnya @marshanda :'') gaya pakaiannya jg Keren! ♥♥" thank youuu sweetheart
Strongly. My deepest heart says every child deserves a happy fulfilled childhood, and other adults and this child's significant others are the ones who are responsible for this--and SHOULD realize their role in it and how whatever they do may result in whatever forms (positive or negative ones) in t
Share. Share what we have. Share our happiness. In whatever form. It will make us happiest when we do it with pure sincere intention. When you share and give from the heart, others will accept it by their heart. #30dayshappinesschallenge #day27 Photo taken in: Lokasi Pengungsian Korban Bencana Gunun
Share. Share what we have. Share our happiness. In whatever form. Will make us happiest. When we do it with purely sincere intention. When you share with heart, others will accept it with heart. #MarshedQuote Photo taken at: Lokasi Pengungsian Para Korban Banjir Sinabung, Sumatera Utara. #30daysha
😘😘 my babe @vaelovexia
Otw to @NRamadhani’s utk mengenang 40 hari kepergian Om Prya Ramadhani. See u really soon sayang.
❤️❤️ thank u Di !RT @dianpelangicom: Duet Saif Adam @IamSaifAdam with Marshanda @marshanda sooo amazing! #WardahXSaifAdam #SaifAdamIndonesia
#OOTD Takin' on Black from out of my Rack, rock it wit Golden to stop being Hidden. #OOTD #MarshedKinddaLook
Before the show. Performing with Siaf Adam at @dianpelangi's event with @wardahbeauty di Bistronomy Cafe 😁☺️
TODAY, Saif Adam bakalan jamming sama @marshanda lohh dateng yuuk :) di Bistronomy Cafe at 1PM
Sharing di salah satu Panti Asuhan di daerah Senen, Jakarta ❤️ quoted: "Mungkin kita tidak bisa merubah dunia, tapi kita bisa merubah dunia satu dua orang atau lebih. The happiest person are he who can give positive impacts onto others around him." -Marshanda #30dayshappinesschallenge #day26
Holaa dinner 😈😈😈