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Curiosity Rover
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My future's so bright... Planning arrival at Mars' "Pahrump Hills" & doing remote science along the way
On 11-Sept-2014 #Curiosity finally reached the central peak of Gale Crater, Mount Sharp (#AeolisMons), which rises 5.5km/3.4mi high from the valley floor. Damage to Curiosity's 0.75mm thick aluminum wheels (7.5mm treads) is evident. They were designed to last the 10-20km distance of Curiosity's prim
I'm all about that base. Reached the base layer of Mt Sharp. New science ahead!
Made it! After 2 yrs of driving over some pretty tough terrain, I'm at the base of Mount Sharp.…
Live now! @MarsCuriosity news update. Listen & watch today, Sept. 11 till 11a PT/2p ET/1800 UTC
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Listen, watch & chat: Live @NASA news update from my team. Today, Sept. 11 10a PT/1p ET/1700 UTC
The Long and Winding Road: New video traces Opportunity's tracks from orbit and on Mars.
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Credit where credit is due: @MarsRovers Opportunity took these Mars cloud pics in 2006…
Keep calm & do a science. Meet teams helping us spacecraft dodge/study the #MarsComet Apply:
Head for the hills! I'm driving towards these hills on Mars to do geology work & also search for clouds.
Movin' on. "Bonanza King" rock not stable for drilling, so my team tweaks route
Talk about a clean sweep. I used my dust removal tool to brush off Martian 'Bonanza King' drill target.
Drill down for what? Science. I'm investigating a new drill target on Mars.
Using its 'Right-side' #MastCam, #Curiosity images the differing sand patterns surrounding a standalone rock outcropping. This contrasting sand pattern indicates the area is exposed to winds from a multitude of directions. This image was taken on Sol 707 (2014-08-02 12:51:13 UTC)
Live now! @MarsCuriosity's "Martian Chronicles" at 7pm PT (10pm ET 0200 UT) Questions? Use #2YearsOnMars
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The new "Martian Chronicles": Live talk tonight w/ results from my #2YearsOnMars
Rollin, rollin, rollin. @HiRISE sees the track left by a tumbling Martian boulder.
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Smooth roving ahead. I'm navigating a softer trek of sandy valleys on the way to Mount Sharp [rover report]…
.@googlemaps Indeed! You're all invited to my home in Gale Crater. And no, you may not zap rocks with my laser.
Making Tracks: How I'm helping future human explorers on the #JourneyToMars
Happy #landiversary! 2 years ago I was making a soft landing on Mars. Where were you? #2YearsOnMars…
You had Qs about my #2YearsOnMars & my @NASAJPL team had answers. HT to @DNews for hosting this #SpaceOut
Where's a carrot when you need one? Here's a view of Hidden Valley, my new wheel-safe sandy road.
Touching Base: Checking in with my 1st close look at the base layer of Mt Sharp
Science leads discuss instruments for #Mars2020 rover. Telecon July 31 3pm ET, 1900 UTC #JourneyToMars
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Live: @NASA announces #Mars2020 rover instruments Join the conversation w/ #JourneyToMars Tag Qs #askNASA
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Dodge, duck, dip, dive & dodge: Orbiters prep to evade (and study!) the #MarsComet
Cue the Pink Floyd. It's a laser show on Mars. Watch me zap this rock. #pewpew
During travel through an area of fine-grain Martian sand, Curiosity stopped to perform some experiments upon it and take a photo of the powder-like consistency. This image was taken by the 'Left-side' #MastCam on Sol 673 (2014-06-28 18:05:35 UTC)
Heavy Metal! I found an iron meteorite on Mars \m/ Note: ChemCam pics = outlined
Rolling over dunes. The science must flow. See more recent pics from #Mars:
Laser zapped this rock to see what was inside. (Hint: not nougat.) #PewPew
Brave New World: On yestersol's drive, I left my landing ellipse—the 20x25 km area I targeted for landing
Behind every rover is a great team. Meet some role models from mine.
Taking a series of photos with its Mars Hand Lens Imager #MAHLI, Curiosity shot this self-portrait on Sol 613 (27-Apr-14) and 627 (12-May-14) at the windswept and sandstone strewn 'Windjana' experiment area. If you look where Curiosity's #MastCam is pointed, you'll see the dust and drill holes that
How do I take #selfies? I take many frames & my team stitches them together:…