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Curiosity Rover
Happy Mars New Year, Earthlings! It takes ~2 Earth years for the Red Planet to go around the sun #JourneyToMars
.@BigBird Maybe you will! Sunny days sweep the clouds away on Mars, too. GIF by @MarsRovers #JourneytoMars
Watch @NASA's live flight test of #LDSD—tech that could help humans on the #JourneyToMars
While maneuvering up slopes to investigate interesting rock outcroppings, Curiosity used its Left-side 'B' #NavCam to capture the rough terrain that is slowly damaging its aluminum wheels. This image was taken on Sol 997 (2015-05-27 13:10:54 UTC)
A thousand thanks to the best team a rover could have. Celebrating 1,000 sols. Here's to the Martian days ahead!
Movin' on up. I sidestepped slippery slopes & climbed 21º incline
Let us go then, you and I When the evening is spread out against the sky Blue sunset on Mars
Fly the Friendly Skies of Mars. Enhanced collision avoidance protects orbiters
The Artist's Way: @HiRISE got this image of me at work in "Artist's Drive" on Mars
Fist pump! I passed the 10k mark on Mars. Next stop: Logan Pass:
No pickles, but my data support earlier @HiRISE findings of possible brine in Mars soil
Curiosity looks back upon the fine sand it just drove through, taking this picture with its Right-side 'B' #NavCam on Sol 944 (2015-04-03 02:37:49 UTC)
No foolin'! These mineral veins are more clues to ancient wet environment at Gale crater.…
At 11:30am PDT/1830 UTC, join us live to discuss the #LDSD Mars landing tech Tag Qs #AskNASA
YES! I found NO3! Biologically-useful nitrogen, that is. Another sign ancient Mars=habitable
Nerd out with us on the #PiDay of the century! Try to solve these 4 Pi challenges
Retweeted by Curiosity Rover
Road to Wellville: In good health, doing science & heading higher on Mt Sharp
Curiosity has developed an intermittent short circuit in its drill during hammer-drill operations. While the short seems to occur for less than 1/100th of a second, the Curiosity Team will conduct more testing to further characterize it. After that, the present drill samples will be analyzed and #Cu
Curiosity took this B&W shot of its rocky and sandy environment using its Right-side 'B' #NavCam on Sol 903 (2015-02-20 01:02:32 UTC). Instagram contrast enhanced photo.
Call me Johnny Five. Some ops on hold while my team investigates a short circuit.
An inside look at Mars. Analysis underway on the sample from yestersol's drilling
Meanwhile, in the asteroid belt... @NASA_Dawn is almost to dwarf planet #Ceres!

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