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Curiosity Rover
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Dodge, duck, dip, dive & dodge: Orbiters prep to evade (and study!) the #MarsComet
Cue the Pink Floyd. It's a laser show on Mars. Watch me zap this rock. #pewpew
During travel through an area of fine-grain Martian sand, Curiosity stopped to perform some experiments upon it and take a photo of the powder-like consistency. This image was taken by the 'Left-side' #MastCam on Sol 673 (2014-06-28 18:05:35 UTC)
Heavy Metal! I found an iron meteorite on Mars \m/ Note: ChemCam pics = outlined
Rolling over dunes. The science must flow. See more recent pics from #Mars:
Laser zapped this rock to see what was inside. (Hint: not nougat.) #PewPew
Brave New World: On yestersol's drive, I left my landing ellipse—the 20x25 km area I targeted for landing
Behind every rover is a great team. Meet some role models from mine.
Taking a series of photos with its Mars Hand Lens Imager #MAHLI, Curiosity shot this self-portrait on Sol 613 (27-Apr-14) and 627 (12-May-14) at the windswept and sandstone strewn 'Windjana' experiment area. If you look where Curiosity's #MastCam is pointed, you'll see the dust and drill holes that
How do I take #selfies? I take many frames & my team stitches them together:…
What a long, strange trip (around the sun) it's been. Here's what happened during my 1st #MartianYear.
Two paths diverged on a Red Planet, and I, I took the south one, and that has made all the difference.
Looking back over its left-side, Curiosity images its tracks which indicate a turn maneuver occurring in the recent past. In the far distance is the rim of Gale Crater. On the deck of Curiosity you see the flat hexagonal shaped high gain antenna (160 to 800 bits per second speed to the Deep Space Ne
Mercury Rising: I saw the planet cross the sun—a 1st from any planet but Earth
Runnin' Down a Dream: I'm healthy & heading West. Latest pics from travels on Mars:
Curiosity has been drilling & laser zapping (#ChemCam) the sandstone around itself these past weeks. However, Curiosity took a break from experiments to image this landscape shot of its immediate wind-swept surroundings. This Instagram contrast-enhanced image was taken by the 'Left-side' #MastCam on
You guys are going to come visit me on Mars someday, right? This might help. #LDSD #onlylookscrazy
Balloon + rocket + inflatable flying saucer + world's biggest supersonic parachute = #LDSD #NASAtech
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