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Curiosity Rover
Red Mars, Gray Mars: "Mini-start hole" drill maneuver was successful.
Laser zaps show silica-rich Mars rocks—might preserve ancient organics. Science afoot #pewpew
Fellow explorers: Review Mars pics + help the @HiRISE team pick image targets #JourneytoMars
LIVE: Join us in celebrating 50 years of discovery at Mars. Watch + chat at #JourneytoMars
Retweeted by Curiosity Rover
Using its Left-side 'B' #NavCam, Curiosity images its immediate surroundings in "Marias Pass." It is preparing to test its sample collecting percussion drill. Four months ago, the drill exhibited a transient short circuit during a transfer of collected sample material. The test will provide diagnost
Break out the slide rules. Tonight we celebrate 50 years of Mars exploration #JourneytoMars
Blinding you with science: I'm tracking sunspots during solar spacecraft's temporary hiatus
.@sesamestreet Exploring is fun. I can't wait for people to join me on the #JourneyToMars. Yip! Yip! Yip!
Back to the nitty-gritty of science. (Literally.) Investigating Martian sandstone/mudstone.
During the month of June, Mars will be directly behind the Sun (a Mars solar conjunction), limiting communication with Curiosity Rover. This image of Curiosity-disturbed rock was taken by the Right-side #MastCam on Sol 997 (2015-05-27 13:23:00 UTC)
Check it out: @NASA_Dawn found a peak on #Ceres about as big as Mars' Mt Sharp/Aeolis Mons
Happy Mars New Year, Earthlings! It takes ~2 Earth years for the Red Planet to go around the sun #JourneyToMars
.@BigBird Maybe you will! Sunny days sweep the clouds away on Mars, too. GIF by @MarsRovers #JourneytoMars
Watch @NASA's live flight test of #LDSD—tech that could help humans on the #JourneyToMars
While maneuvering up slopes to investigate interesting rock outcroppings, Curiosity used its Left-side 'B' #NavCam to capture the rough terrain that is slowly damaging its aluminum wheels. This image was taken on Sol 997 (2015-05-27 13:10:54 UTC)
A thousand thanks to the best team a rover could have. Celebrating 1,000 sols. Here's to the Martian days ahead!
Movin' on up. I sidestepped slippery slopes & climbed 21º incline
Let us go then, you and I When the evening is spread out against the sky Blue sunset on Mars
ENHANCE. Pan and zoom across new panoramas from Mars
Fly the Friendly Skies of Mars. Enhanced collision avoidance protects orbiters
People of Earth! Today's your last chance to vote for @NASA in @TheWebbyAwards
The Artist's Way: @HiRISE got this image of me at work in "Artist's Drive" on Mars
Fist pump! I passed the 10k mark on Mars. Next stop: Logan Pass:
No pickles, but my data support earlier @HiRISE findings of possible brine in Mars soil
Curiosity looks back upon the fine sand it just drove through, taking this picture with its Right-side 'B' #NavCam on Sol 944 (2015-04-03 02:37:49 UTC)

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