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Curiosity Rover
The Little Rover: The circular version of my recent selfie inspired this work by MAHLI's Megan Kennedy Wu. Merci!
Go, bots! 50 years of @NASA robots have laid the groundwork for future human missions on the #JourneyToMars
How do I take #selfies and why isn't my whole arm in the shot? Watch + learn:…
Working all the angles. Took this #selfie while investigating an area with hydrated minerals
Crazy, but that's how it goes. Ready to zap "Crazy Mountain" rock target with ChemCam #pewpew
Take a look around Mars. Here’s where I’m working right now. Latest photos at
I'm roving Mars for science, but blogging it for you. Check out my new @tumblr
Do you see what I see? You can. New tool lets you be a virtual rover driver
Thanks for geeking out with me and the team, @reddit! See you online soon.
Red Planet Reddit: Join me and my team for a #RedditAMA live now at… #landiversary
Where do the sols go? Celebrating my 3rd #landiversary. See 3 mission years in 3 minutes:
Earthlings! Join me + my team Aug 5 for a @reddit_AMA celebrating my 3rd #landiversary
Red Mars, Gray Mars: "Mini-start hole" drill maneuver was successful.
Laser zaps show silica-rich Mars rocks—might preserve ancient organics. Science afoot #pewpew
Fellow explorers: Review Mars pics + help the @HiRISE team pick image targets #JourneytoMars
LIVE: Join us in celebrating 50 years of discovery at Mars. Watch + chat at #JourneytoMars
Retweeted by Curiosity Rover
Using its Left-side 'B' #NavCam, Curiosity images its immediate surroundings in "Marias Pass." It is preparing to test its sample collecting percussion drill. Four months ago, the drill exhibited a transient short circuit during a transfer of collected sample material. The test will provide diagnost
Break out the slide rules. Tonight we celebrate 50 years of Mars exploration #JourneytoMars
Blinding you with science: I'm tracking sunspots during solar spacecraft's temporary hiatus
.@sesamestreet Exploring is fun. I can't wait for people to join me on the #JourneyToMars. Yip! Yip! Yip!
Back to the nitty-gritty of science. (Literally.) Investigating Martian sandstone/mudstone.
During the month of June, Mars will be directly behind the Sun (a Mars solar conjunction), limiting communication with Curiosity Rover. This image of Curiosity-disturbed rock was taken by the Right-side #MastCam on Sol 997 (2015-05-27 13:23:00 UTC)
Check it out: @NASA_Dawn found a peak on #Ceres about as big as Mars' Mt Sharp/Aeolis Mons
Happy Mars New Year, Earthlings! It takes ~2 Earth years for the Red Planet to go around the sun #JourneyToMars

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