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Curiosity Rover
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You guys! @NASAKepler found the 1st Earth-size exoplanet in the habitable zone
So fresh & so clean. Wind cleaned Oppy's solar panels. Energy aids science:
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I like these buttes and I cannot lie. Checking out possible science targets.
I've never felt closer to you. Mars + Earth are the nearest they'll be till 2016. How to spot Mars tonight:
Ooh. Shiny. Bright spot in this pic is likely a glinting rock or cosmic-ray hit
Curiouser & Curiouser! Rolling up on my next science waypoint for a closer look at these odd rocks.
While driving to its current science destination, Curiosity pointed its Right-side 'B' #NavCam toward its rear deck capturing this contrasty image of the hills of Gale Crater and its immediate surroundings. This image was taken on Sol 569 (2014-03-13 21:38:38 UTC)
Gully Gee: @HiRISE sees a new channel on Mars, likely the result of dry-ice frost.
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Reunited and it feels so good... My communication buddy MRO is back online after a computer swap.
While driving toward Mount Sharp (#Aeolis Mons) #Curiosity stops to use its 'Left-side' #MastCam to image an area named "Junda". The next waypoint is an area of greater rock striation known as "Kimberly" where further science investigations will take place. This image was taken by the 'Left-side' #M
Ch-Check It Out: Relay radio on @MAVEN2Mars passes checkout. Initial check of all payloads is complete.
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.@NASA finds evidence of water in meteorite, reviving debate over life on Mars
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The View from Here: Close-up look at my landscape shows striated ground, plus Mount Sharp on the horizon
Back it up! Just completed my second 100 m drive... in reverse. The technique minimizes wheel wear.
I see a little silhouette of a rover. (No fandango.) Check out my new moves:
I got my eyes on you: @HiRISE caught a view of Opportunity at work on "Murray Ridge"
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Visit the sites that help me "phone home." Apply for #DSN50 @NASASocial now till noon ET Wed Feb 19
I do all my own stunts on Mars, but it's good to have a double on Earth to figure out how to minimize wear…
Dollars to doughnuts, Oppy found the origin of that mysterious rock on Mars:
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While driving toward its long-term goal of Mount Sharp, Curiosity encountered a dune of very dense fine sand. Luckily, #Curiosity was designed to operate in these powder-like sand consistencies. This image was taken by the 'Left-side' #MastCam on Sol 532 (2014-02-03 18:42:46 UTC)
On your mark, get set, rove! My @NASAJPL team is running a 5K in my honor. #Curiosity5K #LetsMove
My @NASAJPL team is running a 5K in my honor tomorrow. Humbled, but where's my T-shirt? #Curiosity5K #LetsMove