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so hot & nothing to do
omg I'm literally melting
people are such let downs when it comes to making plans
Its upsetting that I'm the only one in my fam that doesn't have a iphone
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In destinys child beyonce was da bread kelly was da outline of da bread and michelle was just da crumbs of da bread
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Hate when someone ruins my good mood
how am I gunna break 2 nails in one day kmt
love when the weather is like this
some people actually piss me off so much its unreal.
"Frank Ocean - Thinking Bout You" ... a song that will never ever get old
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#ThatOneEx that you wish you could have back but then again you ready to keep it moving.
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No hands by waka flocka always makes me wanna dance!
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how did @Aysh95_xo just call me creasin down the line doe LOOOL
had such a good night lastnight!
#IHatePeopleThat lie to me when I know the truth.πŸ˜’
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πŸ’¦make it rayne
I need to go to one live party you know,its been time!
lol @ some people
In such a good mood today
My boyfriend not allowed to communicate with his ex, whatever ya'll gotta talk about, you should've said when ya'll was together.
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& he complained i had trust issues? lol i had every right to.
i could be a professional detective you know, the things i found out just by pree'in this boys twitter/insta
Heads all over the place!
#DontBotherMeWhen I'm mad... your head will be detached from your neck... 😊
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Disclosure - Boiling. TUNEEEEEEEE
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azealia banks - fuck up the fun.
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lool what am i even doing with my life.
#ILostInterestWhen I realized you were still to caught up on your ex.
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My big sis πŸ’‹