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Want a page like this?
Anyone at reading DM me
Ring me 07936519091
07936519091 if you need me
No but seriously, best of luck to all of you that are picking up your GCSEs tomorrow, everything will be fine if you did your best
Just realised it's results day for GCSE students tomorrow haha good luck you little fuckers
My festival phone number is 07936519091 text me your names
There was me all excited for reading and I've only just started to pack
Camping in orange camp for reading btw, the one to be in
It's only hit me, the reason why I'm not in a relationship, I'm so fucking weird, I need therapy
Jokes you only follow me cos you know if you unfollow me I'll come round your house, cover my hands in water and slap you
Still don't understand why most of you follow me, I just chat shit all the time, and btw, yes, I am an astronaut thanks for asking
Lots of hot girls retweeting lord farquaad, maybe things are changing, girls don't like tall guys anymore
No one knows what I'm on about awk
I wonder how many rts lord farquaad will get, you know when the pig says it n shit it's bare jokes lol ye
When you see someone talking to bae
Man I need a drink, I need to get fucked up
Anyone else want a reading ticket? Can get you one for £200
Toy story is so fucking good
Better not rain at reading, no one wants to see girls wearing wellies and big ass raincoats
Hate when you can't reply to a DM cos 'shitcunt69 has favourited your tweet!' is in the way of the textbox
I need more clothes but it's okay cos I'm going shopping 💁💁💁
I wonder if I'll ever have the confidence to talk to ridiculously attractive people
Ayy your Instagram is not the only thing I wanna tap👅
If I'm favouriting all your selfies n stuff clearly I wanna touch the booty
Hey girl is your phone in your back pocket? Cos dat ass is calling me 😏
I always buy a 2 man tent for myself when I go to festivals, sharing tents is for fags, I don't want someone taking up all the room n snorin
So at reading festival I'll either be very drunk or I will be very very drunk 🍺
Follow @krule_kid for dick pics
When girls do the ice bucket challenge..
marni is going to reading 🎉
Retweeted by MΔRNI
Bed is just the most loveliest place on earth
Can't wait to do fuck all tomorrow
I started a band called 999 Megabytes — we haven’t gotten a gig yet
Nearly had a threesome like 5 minutes ago, all I needed was two more people
When the vodka hits you..
I'm going to get so fucking drunk 🍺
So fucking excited for reading festival
There's nothing ever to do on a Sunday evening :(