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Got your girl round my crib watching Netflix And by your girl, I mean a bag of crisp and some chocolate
Half the time on Netflix I'm flicking through to find something to watch
Nighttime Netflix tho
When someone matches you on tinder
We all like people on tinder who definitely wouldn't match us back
Idc what you say, you can have cereal any time of the day
Sometimes I really can't be bothered to leave my bed, and that's usually everyday
You know this guy has got some good pussy at home tryna finish his work this quickly
When you hear the person you hate speak
lol when your substitute teacher at school asks for your name
Look at you, up at this time to go to some bullshit place that you don't wanna go
Don't act like you don't do this
I actually couldn't be a vegetarian, chicken pork turkey lamb beef fuck man they're all so fucking good
I don't know why I find this vine so funny 😂�
When girls with no chill try to flirt with you
When you accidentally hurt your pet
Wow, kendrick's crowd is so live
4 in the morning and I'm zoning
Nothing to do
I'm still so turnt
Is it really bad that I wanted to punch someone in the jaw tonight
I'm so drunk why can't I always be this drunk
Actually wish I could dance
If fairy tales were based on girls today...
Pigeon will fuck your day up
Fresh bed sheets will forever be the one