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have you ever had thoughts of fleeing the country, starting a new life in a another country
it's not even evening yet and i want to take an 8 hour nap
i feel so drained of energy all the time
oo reading festival this week
don't touch what you can't afford basically you can touch anything but me
what a fucking weekend
this is still so funny
going to start exercising again 💪🏽
some days i can tolerate people some days i can't tolerate people
good luck to those collecting their gcse results today!!!
tbh i go through stages of not giving a single fuck what i look like
hey lady we don't dress to impress u…
If you are stranded in a desert, do not open a cactus for water—cactus pulp contains toxic alkaloids that will make a person vomit.
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Penguins have no natural land predators, so they have no fear of humans.
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i just haven't found someone special yet = no one likes me lmao
like obvs i have such utter hatred for muslim extremist who impose violence & evil but britain first are so jokes
those facebook friends that like the page 'britain first' lmao
came back from bournemouth & my mum n dad have taken my 19 yr old cat to the vet to be put down :( didn't even get to say bye r.i.p tigger
forever making the mistake of accepting people on facebook & receiving a fuck load of promotional invites to club events by them
touchdown bournemouth 😎
d'ya ever wanna drastically change ur whole appearance like
do you know how weird i'd look if i didn't have dark hair
if you can make my abs pierce through my torso via laughter then i like you
procrastination level: Frank Ocean
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'when someone favs ur selfie'
to this day i still don't understand girls
idek why i have tinder i swipe right on everyone and if you match me??? well... i'm not going to talk to you
forever living in a state of imagination
but i wished i had a twin, there's so many ideas and plans of mine that require two of me
i bet if i had a twin, he would have a girlfriend and i still wouldn't
don't type mami cos i get confused and think u typed marni
when u get lots of hate on twitter
the name "little shit" can be applied to anyone
it still annoys me that I'll never know what my house smells like to other people
esoteric conversations
i wanna believe in god but he doesn't believe in me
i don't understand the whole "trust god" saying it's not like life is a game of sims n god is the player
i've kinda just accepted that i'm going to be single for the rest of my life but it's ok i like cats
if i had £1 for every time i got called beautiful i'd have £1 thanks mum
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when you n ur friend have a disagreement so you have to settle ur dispute by
my cat is dying, she's outside and wants to be left alone & left for dead; it's so upsetting 😥

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