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Annoys me how girls can look like Shakira when they take out their plaits but I look like King George the 1st.
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so anybody that was there from the start that only cares now, fuck you rude boy, ring my phone, i will duck you rude boy
yes it's summer yes it's hot
for some fucking retarded reason when my dad sneezes he shouts "YAHHHOOO" so i don't bless him, I just shout back "dot com" kenyan fuckboy
abdominals why won't you show
shoutout to everyone who wear running shoes but never go for runs
we tried to work things out, but i guess it wasn't meant to be, goodbye cardio
the reason why u can't sleep is because it's perf temperature to adventure into the night with me ur friend & do stupid n rebellious things
fav if ur still up
i am bored & not v tired
everyone has the following dilemmas right now: do i leave the window open n let bugs in or close it? do i use my blanket or expose myself
a list of things to whisper to someone when you hug them
my cat doesn't fuck with me 😒
shoutout to everyone who just used urban dictionary to understand my last tweet
i've taken too many cold showers today, I'm redefining the term showerman
@MarniGill I'm busy showerin man down in my showerman gear 🚿🚿
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seriously why do i not have a friend with a swimming pool
too many "i need to tan" tweets, and here's me, ducking n diving to avoid the sun because once i catch rays, i look somalian
cold showers
i feel sorry for my cats, fuck being a big ball of fur in this heat
it's really unsettling that there is insects just lurking around on street corners even at this time
shoutout to everyone who can't fully enjoy summer because of hayfever
lol have i rly spent the whole day inside
my friends are tryna make me come out but
ok why is there no rich kid with a swimming pool hosting a massive pool party right now
where is everyone when i need them i am scared
so i just got home like now, 3am, we live in detached houses n my neighbours door was wide open, lights all off, I knocked then shut itπŸ˜“ wtf
this will always be one of my favourite memes
when you stare at the booty and she catches you looking
when someone doesn't find me attractive i just tell them that they're racist so ur all racist
i always think i should be doing something else right now, idc if it's 3am i should be fighting crime or sleeping cos I have work at 9
i can't i giggle every time
it's not hard to have the same sense of humour as me, i pretty much laugh at everything

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