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slide in my DMs like can y'all stop fucking clicking links in people's bios pls
i'm great at giving massages some say the best but i struggle to give myself a massage do you see my problem
idk what i want you know what idek what i don't want
my love life doesn't exist lol
someone deposit £10,000 in my bank account so i can have the summer wardrobe i truly deserve pls
it's not your* or even you're* it is mine everything is mine
i like it when you think about sneaking out of your house and you assess all the possible options
it's funny how i'm still a cheeky little shit who still sneaks out of my house at night
i really really should not have laughed at this
i tell her my dick can't breathe n she gon give me cpr
does anyone ever punch their stomach in an attempt to get abs
when parents say your siblings names/ur entire family tree before they say your name when they're trying to talk to you
i hate when family members or people you live with are stressed & they take it out on you 😥
it's better to be weird & eccentric, full of life than to be boring, monotonous & lifeless
when you try to stalk someone and the twitter app tells you that the user does not exist n you panic for a split second whilst u reload it
when someone's parents give them absolutely everything they want and they're not thankful & don't even respect their parents smh😑
plot twist: animals can talk but they only speak swahili
life would be so much better if animals could talk to us and we could have comprehensive conversations with them
i don't like it when ur friends with someone, they get a girlfriend or boyfriend, and then every time you wanna meet up, they bring them
as soon as you piss me off tho i am no longer nice to you
i like being really nice to people tbh
my new years resolution is actually achieved
staring at stars while ur high off this marijuana
utter monstrosity
lmao he said ensure instead of insecure bby girl why you so ensure…
people who don't have cars, you suck
I'm fucking mopping up floors rn, call me cinderella

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