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Nothing to do
I'm still so turnt
Is it really bad that I wanted to punch someone in the jaw tonight
I'm so drunk why can't I always be this drunk
Actually wish I could dance
If fairy tales were based on girls today...
Pigeon will fuck your day up
Fresh bed sheets will forever be the one
Still one of the best vines ever
Benefit of having a double chin
Let's face it, if your recently used looks like this, you're a whiny little bitch
Sometimes I have confidence, usually when I'm drunk
Oh shit it's only 5 o'clock
I'm so fucking lazy man
I don't go a day without music
Snapchat: MarniGill
Whoever threw that paper your mums a hoe
Twitter is usually dead AF at this time :(
Everyone on I'm a celebrity get me out of here pisses me off tho
Idgaf what you say, sundays are for relaxing
"You two would be cute together" tell me something I don't know faggot
So who's getting drunk tonight 🍻
When you're just in your towel and cbfa to get ready
Fav if you're up
So I go to the pub with my mates, walk out and leave, this drunk guy handed me £25 and gave me a piggy back and wouldn't take his money back
And by turn up I mean, turn up the volume on television cos this news is really interesting
Okay well are you sitting on a phone? Cos I swear dat ass is calling me
I mean have you been sitting on a pile of sugar? Cos you have a pretty sweet ass
But seriously this is what Friday nights should be like
Are you sitting on a F5 key cos dat ass is refreshing
I take it back, the train has wifi, shit is popping off now, party on the train