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Man why am I always so tired
12 hour sleeps are always the one
Hi I'm nocturnal
Me and my crew in the club
Today I don't feel like doing anything, I just want to lay in my bed
What did you learn today? I learnt nothing What did you do today? I did nothing What did you learn at school? I didn't go
American girls where you @ tho
Need to stop being drunk lol nonsense Fuck bitches get money team rekt ^ that's the motto
I love it when people criticise hip hop but they love the song hot nigga, like excuse me but that song is so fucking hoodrat
Bobby shmurda hot nigga will never get old
FYI I'm rly drunk but that's not surprising
Fav if you're up cos I'm that crazy guy that's up at 5am rn
Dem 5 o'clock tweets, shit man kids be getting up in 2 hours to learn some shit
Ayy lmao 4 in the morning and I'm zoning
Officially living in Bournemouth 😁☀️
Literally have no concept of time, wtf it's 20 to 5
Deep down, you know you're a stubborn and arrogant cunt but good effort for hiding it
Idk man, alcohol isn't the best, it has it's ups and downs unfortunately 😔
Frank Ocean can you please release a new album already
& summer is over how depressing is that 😪
I've got so much stuff to do but I have no motivation to do it, it's the start of the academic year too, this isn't good
Just realised it's Friday night lol
American girls 👀
Fucking match me on tinder you good looking motherfucker
Everyone with an iPhone, go to your music, you should find the band U2's album there, why has everyone got it?
Girls don't wanna know if you're loyal, they just wanna know if you can 360 no-scope wallbang
Fuck it girls don't even care about personality or looks, it's all about your kill death ratio on call of duty and battlefield
Man I'm turning into a gamer again, fuck I'm relapsing
Add my psn: x__cust0m X double-underscore c u s t zero m kthxbai #TeamRektM8
Does anyone have battlefield 4 on ps3?
I hate weird couples like this, like wtf are you doing, reading each other's minds? Some real twilight shit
When you realise how ugly you are
Shit m8 I'm so hungover rekt m9
Hey fuck you ok
She snapchat me battlefield 4, so I messaged her this and she won't reply :(
@lixmkay: “@OfficialBewers: Girls deserve so much fucking respect.” this won't help you get laid”
Plot twist: she doesn't know what to do with that big fat butt
Hey guys, guys, fuck her right in the pussy
Plans never go the way they should
Alcohol and music is one of my favourite combinations
You didn't buy expensive lingerie for no one to see