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the top one really creeps me out
the absolute worse
this will always have me dying
10mins into netflix n chill
daily quote: "can we smoke a joint now before i grow a vagina" i said, sat with 3 girls, watching pretty woman
dya get those people at the gym that stare at you when ur exercising, and you stare back but get stared down cos their stare game strong af
idk why but the sheep suddenly full on running gets me every time
when you and your best friend have a singing duet
this is too much ๐Ÿ˜‚h
i'm tryna netflix n chill but i pressed the wrong tab, it went to bbc iplayer bbc iplayer n chill
don't mess with girls with winged eyeliner
omg the simpler times
lucky charms is definitely my favourite cereal
i like nipple piercings
just remember this
this is cute af
i don't understand followers that unfollow u because ur inactive, like hey ur not posting shit so fuck u, now u can't be on my timeline ever
clothes shopping is easy for me if it's plain black i'll wear it
i don't actually remember the last time i bought new clothes, do you know how depressing that is?
plot twist: you didn't use to call me on my cell phone, but we kik'd each other i swear lol
dad: *mimics unknown song* dad: do u know dat song? me: no dad: how do u not dad: all u listen to is: FUCK U, NIGGA dad: FUCK U, NIGGA me: ๐Ÿ˜‘
you used to call me on my cell phone
if u ask me where i'm going, i won't tell u, I'll just respond with "elsewhere" & disappear mysteriously into the night, I'll be back tho dw
iOS 9 is funky
stormzy is absolutely killing it this year ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ
i'm up all night like a porch light
when my dad talks to my cat, he addresses her as a monologue on how he is feeling, but that's to indirectly tell us how he's feeling
bush did 9/11
when u try talk to me
i have a lot of dark demonic things in my drafts that i will never tweet because it'll probably summon satan himself
lmaOoo at my local morrisons, someone ran in and stole all the chickens!!! the mental image of it kills me, some guy running in, grab n run
this sums up summer
does it work on emotions๐Ÿ˜…1

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