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Patrick Bateman
hipster fashion music movies ofwgkta 30,414 followers
I wish I was mis-sold PPI :(
I don't mind if you want to moan every now and then, but people who can't have a conversation without being negative are shit people
Imagine if you never got tired, so you never need to sleep, going to college/work & balancing your social life and workload would be easier
Benefits of being friends with me: -shitty jokes whenever you ask for them -shitty jokes whenever you don’t ask for them
Oh god no, back to bed
I hate when someone's about to tell you something then they say "nevermind." I mean no, you brought it up, now you have to say it
Thank fuck that I have a high metabolism, otherwise I'd be too big to fit through most doorways
I love the outside and stuff, but I hate insects and peasants
Why do white girls walk in odd numbers? because 'they can't even'
If no one compliments you on your clothing, that means you have shit clothes
I wish my parents made me take up a sport when I was younger & kept me committed so that I: A) Had at least one talent B) Had a decent body
You'd think being awake at this late you'd be able to look out your window and see the tooth fairy doing his job or going to fairy Starbucks
What is there to do at half 3 in the morning
Not even the slightest bit tired