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it's round about that time of the year where i start telling myself that i need to become different next year, but i never do😅
if your mouth didn't water when you saw this you're lying
Kendrick Lamar is low key right but nobody cares
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See all the chick pages like Lady Boners etc tweet bout @natekgarner but he looks like my 5th year Burton shaggers
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i kind of envy people who can just fall asleep instantly
woah wait, that's the main plot of the film, could you imagine if they actually saved him, would be a shit film…
when you only have nice underwear left in your draw because you've had no use for them
you know when you're scrolling through your twitter notifications - and you spot a hottie, and you find out they follow you & you get gassed
when it's 10 minutes into netflix n chill and she tries to grab your dick
are people getting prettier or am i getting uglier
do u ever watch a film, find one of the actresses(or actors) really attractive but now they look so different cos the film was made ages ago
this is usually how my day goes
i really wanna see what japan is like
do you ever want to move to another country tomorrow and see where life takes you?
is it true that if you don't use it, you lose it?
i want a life where every day in the week is my weekend
i hate how easily jealous i get at times
go hug someone and then whisper one of these
ok girls, starting to see this a lot again so - if you pay me, I'll be your 'boyfriend for the winter'
this happens every year but it's still very relevant
"I don't want a relationship right now" means "I don't want a relationship with you"…
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what's it like living at uni? well you can see your own breath in your room
whenever someone tries to speak to me, i might just say "sorry I've got a girlfriend"
have you noticed that girls grab their boobs when they're looking for something lost in the room
oh holy shit katie hopkins got banged
shoutout to the people who still wish you a 'happy birthday' on your facebook timeline, i stopped doing that shit a long time ago
vladimir putin omg
your girlfriend should be your princess & your homie
think i'm gonna get hypothermia this winter
ok i was not prepared for winter, i am fucking freezing 😰
fair enough tony
oh my god savage
Hahahahah thought she had a dick in her cup
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tbf i am this boy

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