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don't underestimate my ability to remove you from my life
if i'm on your twitter, i'm probably gonna scroll down ur media until the end
my cat is v cute
when ur at a party and someone starts to play an acoustic guitar
i wonder if zayn malik will make songs that are like frank ocean's
i like well spoken people
if you can draw, can you pls fav this tweet
the sound of drunk people singing wonderwall also hurts my ears
i hate when ur at a party or ur out having a good time then some cunt puts on wonderwall and people start crying n it kills the vibe
i like champagne cos i like celebrating
So I found a frog and I liked him and then he attacked me
Retweeted by fuckboy
i like plain white ts
when the weeknd goes down on girls dya reckon his hair tickles their belly
i really do not like the weeknd's hair
when you see a nice booty
What Are  THO     O      O      o       o      o      。     。    .    .     .     se
being in on a saturday sucks so much dick😐
when someone tries to use ur phone
according to my brother i "have an aura of no fucks"
i hate when people wake you up from naps
i hate when people stand so close to you, like literally inches away from ur face talking to you, like yo i don't wanna smell ur breathe
i had to kick the cat out of the shop though cos some lady complained that she was allergic to him 😥 bye garfield
i was just sitting at work, inside my dad's post office, i heard meows, next thing i know a fat ginger cat appeared meowing bare loud at me
old ppl love me an old lady who idk with a walker, i tried to avoid eye contact with her so hard, then she shouted GOOD MORNING at me
my friend jt @krule_kid is too funny
when you fall asleep spiders rub their dicks on ur face
lmao my brother just called my dad a "spear chucker" because my dad is from kenya, bare deep
cats are endless amusement
i don't even get asked if i'm single i think everyone just looks at me and thinks yeah, nah definitely single
people who eat the ends of bread loafs would eat your friends & family don't trust them
not everyone is going to like you so why bother trying to impress everyone
i have a real problem with authority i wish i didn't but i just hate people telling me what to do
it amuses me that they got their goggles off
every time someone asks me to do something
courtney what the fuck

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