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Mark Wright
Right @michkeegan and @fearnyx I'm on the way home, get the drinks ready !! @FacesEssex it is !!
Nothing better than knowing I'm out after doing my show on heart !! These #clubclassics just get me so fired up !! Tune in now @thisisheart
Who's loving heart FM guys ?? Tune in now !! @thisisheart
Just picked up some lovely jumpers from @N1Angel_London on my way into work. Great quality !! I'm on heart FM from 7pm guys x
Raved my butt off on the 200 miles home thanks to @MarkWright_ #clubclassics #amazingtunes πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
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Trying to become more lean at the moment using my supplements from my range at it's working x
Iv been aiming to become more lean for my current job. Using my super lean supplement from my range at is working
My girl surprised me by taking me to a spa yesterday. #shestoogood #perfect @michkeegan
Hoping for a 'No' vote today! United we stand, divided we fall! Come on Scotland don't divorce us. We aren't that bad! #ScotlandDecides
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Ahhhh now shit just got deep. Enrique Iglesias (hero) just came on, on shuffle. 4 red wines down #notlikeme #tipsy #thinking #happy #MK x
On the train with my music on, listening to I believe I can fly, 3 red wines down and thinking happy thoughts. Smile people. Life is 2 short
Vote for @MarkWright_ to be on the Radio Times cover, You can vote for him here…
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The second i opened this photo i got a huge smile across my face πŸ’ƒπŸ˜ it@MarkWright_t_ doing what he loves
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After years of trying different products this is the only way forward !! Get it here
@MarkWright_ can't wait to buy your 2015 calendar since you signed this years
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β€œ@RazzyKigz: @MarkWright_ just pre-ordered your official calendar πŸ˜ƒβ€ hope you love it x
Loved djing at TIME in Cookstown last night @MaxDenham we well and truly smashed it up !!
My favourite film ever just started on channel WATCH. Con air !! I love it !!
Full from a lovely roast in @TheThreeColts great bit of grub @EssexPR thanks mate
Happy birthday to my amazing but miserable sister haha #neverchanged @MissJessWright_ x
Bumped into a girl last night wearing a dress from @michkeegan range from @LipsyLondon #proud
Oh @susannareid100 thankyou for the support but the moves are not there yet haha. Hope you are well xx @bbcstrictly @karen_hauer
@MarkWright_ @thisisheart can I have a hi to me and my girls who are off out tonight #girlsnightout πŸ‘­πŸ‘­πŸΈπŸΈyour gettin us in the mood to party😘
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@MarkWright_ feeling sorry for myself should be out with the girls but home poorly instead listening to club classics pls give me a retweet
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@MarkWright_ absolutely smashing out the club classics on @thisisheart Keep em rolling son fucking luv it #boogieinthevan
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To All The Sheesh Lovers Don't Forget To Vote For Me 'Best Turkish Restaurant' Nominations Are now Open…
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Dancing done now it's time to dj !! Tune into heart FM at 7 to catch me playing the best #clubclassics you will hear !! @thisisheart
thanks vern πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ@OfficialVernonKonK
Don't knacker yourself out @MarkWright_! You've got a blimmin show to do on @thisisheart tonight. #keepdancing
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Dancing is so frustrating. 1 day I feel like I have it and the next day it's all gone !! Today is one of them days. #posture #steps #rhythm
β€œ@karen_hauer: #markynomoves is turning into #marky'sSlowlygettingsomemoves @MarkWright_ 🚢=πŸƒ. πŸ‘β€ hahaha love it x
Thats Wright !! @karen_hauer it's my Wright foot !! Thankyou for today. We are slowly but surely getting there x.
Tell us about someone who deserves a treat. They could receive #SurpriseFlowers from @MarkWright_ & be in our TV ad!
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It was but my brain is twisted !! Thanks to you !! #wecandothis @karen_hauer
Massive thanks to heat mag for making me torso of the week. All thanks to my #super7 range at