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Mark Mat
"Hey babe, you smell that?" "No." "Me neither, start cooking."
I’m a smart person…. I just do stupid things..
I'm shy at first but... I do the stupidest random shit when I get comfortable with someone.
Car rides without music = awkward.
homework.... ..home.. ..e.. ..tweet.. ....tweeting
My phone is my alarm clock, flashlight, music player and camera.
Stopping mid-sentence because a hot person walked past.
When your parents call you by your full name, you know shit's gonna happen.
Everyone has that one friend that ignore their calls, then act like they never got the call in the first place.
I really miss flip phones. You could always close your phone dramatically like, "Bitch, whatever."
S.T.U.D.Y = Singing, Tweeting, Unlimited Texting, Dreaming, Yawning.
Sometimes the laugh is funnier than the joke itself.
iPhone > Android > Nokia > Land phone > Typewriter > 2 cans and a string > Message in a bottle > Pigeon with a note taped to it > Blackberry
2,800 teenage girls get pregnant everyday. Retweet if you like pancakes.
Running up the stairs like a gorilla because it's easier that way.
I love sleeping but I hate going to sleep.
Spongebob : Patrick , your a genius! Patrick : Yea , i get called that a lot Spongebob : What? a genius? Patrick : No , Patrick
Bad guys in movies: "But before I kill you, I want to tell you this really long story so you can be saved."
'Let's watch a scary movie!" *hours later* "Dude walk me to the bathroom..''
Looks like someone had a big bowl of bitchflakes today.
Retweet this with your tongue. (95% of people can not do this!)
We are the WTF generation: Wikipedia, Twitter and Facebook.
Old friend: "We need to hang out!" Never happens.