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Mark Salling
Waiting to be picked up from school with this little cutie
#tbt my 8th grade yearbook when I was headbanging to 90's jamz. Not much has changed exc...
Autumn means Type O Negative's album October Rust goes on repeat. #loveyoutodeath
Hey summer, beat it
Jammin with the homie @MaxGeorge in the Sawditorium. Been told once or a million times t...
Love to visit my home state of Texas but always good to be back in California. I missed my babies
Nothing tops off a Texas trip like some good bass fishing. All catch and release btw
Friday night lights Texas stylee with @Brodiesmith21 and @connorowen82. Let's go Lake Hi...
Holy crap. Just got off the plane in Dallas and it's actually cold. Is this real life?
I guess this makes Puck the 2nd worst bad boy in Lima Ohio
Feelin a little hometown sick. Headed to Dallas this weekend. Holler at your boy
#WerkoutWednesday gotta do shoulders if u lift. Military dumbbell press. Face palms in w...
Another day another holler. Shredding some vox for my glee fam today. #season6 #gleeoriginal
Great. I slept walk for the third night in a row last night so if anything weird goes down y'all know what happened
It smells like straight up bird in my house right now
How about them Cowboys? Stoked for Michael Sam. I hope he shreds
Proud to call Oak Grove my home disc golf course. "Where it all began" and where it's al...
#workoutwednesday for shredded arms and forearms try reverse curls. Overhand grip. Keep ...
Labor Day solo shredfest Camp Coyote style featuring "Sugarcoat" #neverstoppracticing
I was next to Joan Rivers on a flight a couple years ago from LA to NY and she worked the ENTIRE time. I pray she gets better and can relax
Snapchat name the jam party. You're invited markisthesaw
I dig self deprecating humor as well as self glorifying. peeps get so ruffled by the latter tho its all satire. #socialexperimentsarefunsies
Last nights shredfest with Jonathan. Happy Labro Day
Time for an Instagram follow party. Follow me and include your FULL link so I can just click it and follow. Go!!
Just in case u didn't know, Im a f@$#ing princess bro
Happy birthday to my sister from another mister the cosmically wonderful @msleamichele. Love you so much
#TransformationThursday I hate em, u hate em, but u gotta do squats. Works over half you...
Just built this perch for my bird aviary. Thank you Buddha for supervising
Follow my bro, basketball wizard @Professor12 on snapchat. Globalhooper12 and holler at me MarkistheSaw
Hurting sitting next to the best dressed man in music @mattgoss
At the @BallUp championship game wit @Brodiesmith21. Follow my snapchat story. MarkistheSaw. More pics and vids comin
Hyped to go wit @Brodiesmith21 to see our homie @Professor12 at the @BallUp championship game.Polishing up my handle
Sharpening piano chops under Ol Man Sauls quiet critique for upcoming Camp Coyote performances #Sawjustwantstoshred
Download my boy Mark Cuban's app for texting @CyberDustApp #ad Holler at me. My ID is MarkSalling
#TBT When I played a bully on Walker Texas Ranger. That kid must have been clowning on m...
Literally just hit a hole-in-one in the weekly tournament. 160$ richer. #hallelujah
I feel like a dainty little princess. A dainty little princess that crushes heads on the...