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Mark Reek Hoppus
music singers 2,653,384 followers
i like to start the day with a panic attack at 330am, check the news, troll some fools on twiter, research guitar amps, then coffee.
4am Club, West Coast Chapter checking in. Who up?
New song titles: 1) Said No One Ever 2) I Gave Up For Lent 3) *Lowers Glasses 4) Old Man Bucky
What's your favorite song about leaving a cake out in the rain?
The trolls in Frozen are terrible. They do nothing to advance the plot and they brainwashed Anna.
Sometimes I play rock music in front of 90,000 fellow humans.
Thanks for a great show, Reading! Thanks Travis and Tom. Thanks for an awesome tour, UK/Europe. Thanks to our always amazing road crew.
Just successfully did my first fantasy football draft. My team is unstoppable and I am sure to win this thing. 🏈 Chelsea FC is my team name.
The truth is I smell great.
its want be the same if your not their.
i'm going to be "reading" a rock concert tonight. see that's a pun because we're playing the reading festival, but it also could be read re
Thank you Leeds! Super fun start to the weekend. Excelsior!!
I've almost totally run out of Updog.
More new song titles: 1) Ducks, Ouija Board, BREAD! 2) Killing it on Bassoon 3) Races as Toad 4) Is Pepsi Ok? 5) Superb Owl 6) SorryNotSorry
New song titles: 1) Breakdancing Cop 2) The Ballad of Barksy 3) Carl, Waving 4) What Idiot/Boatercycles 5) Pope on an Airplane 6) Baeby
Bank holiday traffic has left this roundabout a sticky wicket, what?
Just tried water polo but my horse drowned?
Does anyone have any good "Leeds" on concerts tonight? See what I did was i made a pun using Leeds, the festival we're playing tonight inst
I wish I possessed the unbridled optimism of a dude buying condoms in the airport men's room.