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Mark Reek Hoppus
*calls Subway again" "Hi I'm the guy who called earlier about how much a $5 footlong costs. Yeah, sorry, how big a sandwich is that?"
Question for LA residents: am I even allowed to walk into Urth caffe if I'm not holding a script or wearing a fedora?
The movie To Live and Die in LA changed my life forever. Same with its soundtrack. Okay that's it. Move along.
What's up ladies I'm at the gym getting my jog on gonna lift some weighs then sing a rock song later on into a microphone. Get at me.
If you thought Joffrey was a just and benevolent monarch, you'd probably like @OhNoSheTwitnt tweets.
I can't wait for the U2 album to download to my iTunes so I can be outraged about it.
if you need me i'll be measuring the volume of liquid in a graduated cylinder by reading the center of the meniscus.
*calls Subway* "Yeah how much are your five dollar footlongs?"
After five hours of watching football I took a break to go swimming because this is September in Los Angeles.
at the end of every nfl game they should reduce the scores' fractions. 21-28 score becomes 3-4. i shouldn't have to think of everything.
My wife can't decide if she'd rather date Tom Brady or Zack Greinke, so she's going to date them both. BRB, consulting my attorney.
If I ever die, please start my memorial service with this sound clip.โ€ฆ
Early Saturday studio session > LA brunch.
Remember that one time I was on a magazine cover with Beyoncรฉ and Britney Spears and Aaron Carter and JC Chasez?
It's not even 8pm Friday night and home and not leaving again tonight and staying in beats going out any day.
SMH Everybody works on commission now.
New Song Titles: 1) Roger BADell 2) FavStar, GraveStar, WaveStar 3) If You Can't Handle Me At My 4) Got Me Like 5) This Could Be Us But
I blew off the gym to sit and drink coffee and it's the best decision I've made all day.
Hi everybody. I care more about the world than you do.
I'm going out on a coffee run. Please send me your orders if you want something.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.
cortana, remind me to not text my side-chick during my anniversary dinner with my wife tonight.
THAT'S YOUR DAMN WIFE, MAN! you need a phone to remind you to call her on your anniversary?
dude in the cortana commercial sounds like a real piece of trash. "REMIND me to call my wife. REMIND me to buy flowers for our anniversary."
I hooked my Apple Watch up to my Google Glass and I saw the face of God.
Hi, everything's great!
the iwatch will finally spare me the onerous task of looking at the phone which i already have in my hand at all times.
live stream fail much?! haha i'm terrific
Not to brag but I totally won fantasy football and am the best that this game has ever seen.
My fantasy football team: tyrion, olaf, groot, rust cohle, jim halpert, michonne, sawyer, crazy eyes, shoshanna, yoda, louis ck, omar.
"I don't want no scrubs!" -unhygienic surgeon. Hell yeah that's how I kick off this Monday morning! Have a great week.
I'm going out for frozen yogurt. Please give me your orders.
This game is going great for us. Fly eagles fly!! ๐Ÿฅ
I drafted Andre Ellington to my fantasy football team and now he's questionable to play today. I am great at this game.
I am ready for some hand egg. ๐Ÿˆ๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ‘ž๐Ÿ™
I drafted Cecil Shorts III to my fantasy football team and now he is out with a hamstring injury. I am great at this game.
hi everybody this is mark hoppus, wishing you all a great weekend with friends and family.
coffee so roasted it sits me down and insists i listen to its demo tapes.
Ralph Wiggum >. End of.
brb initializing virus ti and syncing memory this might take a couple of seconds.
question for kemper users: when profiling an amp, how much difference does your choice of guitar make?
My computer is cooler than yours. Vinyl sticker @himynameismark
My computer is cooler than yours. Vinyl sticker @himynameismark