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Family Stark Hoppus
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you guys the battery on my ipad died and it's only 7.20pm what the hell damned if i'm going to stoop to talking with my family.
Well a REAL unicorn TAKES CARE OF HIS KIDS!! *Maury audience goes crazy, unicorn storms off stage*
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Totally embracing the experience pt. 2. Ponte Vecchio Bridge, Florence.
"Daddy. Why did you eat my fries? I bought them. And they were mine." -Marceline.
Ugh am I REALLY forced to download the Facebook messenger app to see what my friends are trying to say? Is this a thing?
Giotto's Campanile at the Basilica Santa Maria del Fiore. 🇮�
Greetings from 4.39am. There's no reason for me to be awake right now. And yet, here we are.
The missus on the 200-step climb to the top of the Palazzo Vecchio tower.
time travel must be possible because how did someone go back and put metallica's "and justice for all" album in the pledge of allegiance?
look, people. if you can't handle me at my tweets about frozen, you don't deserve me at my tweets about game of thrones.
"sorry i accidentally shot you in the head and then we erased your memory and then i shut you out for years and years." -elsa
i'm back in italy and the coffee here might be the best in the world. buongiorno!
Thank you. Thank you. I'll be here all weak.
Again with the standy-uppy rock thing.
No wonder spiders hate us, we eat eight of them in our sleep every year like it's no big deal.
can someone please explain why this now happens to incoming photos on my wife's email?
So jet laggy. Might have to take a nap. I just don't know right now. Will advise as situation develops.
just weeded my garden bed clean. (not a euphemism)
just landed back in london and boy are my thumbs opposable.
Waking up at 4am is a very early beginning to a long day.
Thanks very much to @AltPress and @AXSTV for having me host the APMAs. Lots of fun.