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Mark Hoppus
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This is my microblog.
Woke up from a dream where I stopped the raw-egg-throwing war at the opera between the US and China by singing Queen songs.
Why haven't Mt Dew and Star Wars teamed up for an ad campaign that says "Dew, or Dew not. There is no try."?
And I'll rewatch Hercules.
Take tonight to muster your arguments and we'll continue tomorrow. I'll rewatch Mulan & Brave and watch Tangled. So far only 101 stands.
Mary Poppins is only partially animated and I'd refute its inclusion on the point that George Banks wasn't "present" until he end.
The Little Mermaid? Did we ever see Ariel's mom? No. That's out.
Aristocats doesn't count. Duchess starts the film without a partner.
Nana was dog to George and Mary Darling. Jim Dear and Darling are owners of Lady.
Jim Dear and Darling are not parents to the protagonists. Also they put Lady outside remember?
I can't believe someone said Beauty and the Beast. Belle only had her dad: crazy old Maurice.
There was no mother introduced as Jasmine's mother in Aladdin, and Aladdin had no parents.
There are no parents introduced in Winnie the Pooh.
So done said lion king? Mufasa didn't see the end of that movie.
Dumbo's mom snapped on the kid and they locked her away!!
Sharpen the point. Exclude Pixar. Are there animated Disney movies aside from 101 where parental loss or long separation isn't a plot point?
How can anyone say Lady and the Tramp?! Where are the parents?!
Hercules, as in Sleeping Beauty, was sent away from his original parents. I think this qualifies as to my argument.
I will review Brave and Mulan, and will watch Tangled and return tomorrow with my verdict as to the validity of your arguments.
In Alice in Wonderland neither parent is introduced.
The Incredibles just qualify, being Pixar, but I will concede the point.
I refute Tangled because I'm a grown man and have no reason to watch that film.
In Sleeping Beauty the parents send her away to live in solitude in the woods!!
I refute Peter Pan because the Lost Boys despair they don't have a mother. Wendy becomes the mother figure eventually.