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Mark Holliday
We are getting in the festive spirit here in Birstall come along and see our 4legged friends @DT_Leeds #Christmas :)
Retweeted by Mark Holliday
Set time for tomorrow night - 23:30 till 01:00 :-)
Oh... They've encased him in Carbonite, he should be quite well protected
The countdown to Mad Friday has started... Catch me at the Milk Bar Reunion at the Love Apple, Bradford...
Why oh why in this age of Internet shopping do people still block the roads at this time of year. It taking me hours to get home tonight
Sick of hearing that fucking Frozen song. Stop it.
Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels, Jude Law, Tamsin Greig and Nicole Scherzinger join Graham on the sofa tonight at 10.35pm.
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This cold is pissing me off now, every time I move, I sneeze ffs
#StarPerformers2015 such a long list of thanks this is in 3 tweets. All our reps are stars! @MBJordan @jameswhitmore13 @debshurv @markhol
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What is Solly banging on about he would buy it for a gift ...who would buy a trifle as a gift
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Blimey... Crazy hailstone over Castle Holliday this evening!! #weatherbomb
I do love #groupon Some great ideas for days / nights out with friends 😊🍷🍷
Time for a glass of wine and catch up time #Gotham
It's pissing down with rain and some idiot was knocking at my door wanting me to do a survey, but I'm far too busy looking at Men on #Gaydar
I lost my hat... Let me know if anyone finds it. I'm afraid i was very drunk. #XmasParty2014
Stuck in traffic and I have a bacon sandwich waiting for me at the office... And today started so well 😡
Happy Friday peepz!! #TFIFriday
Sod it, I'm having a glass of wine #MidWeekHappiness
May the YouTube be with you. Here's that new Star Wars trailer - with 110% less QuickTime
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Just bought 10 bottles of nice wine from Morrisons for £40...Awesome offer!! #payday #blackfridaydeals
Jacko is still desperately trying to find his forever home here in Barnstaple... could that be with you?!
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James is hilarious tonight #TheApprentice
Tuesday night is catch up night #Gotham #TheFlash ace!
Twitter just went mental for 2mins over #Homeland
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Jennifer Anniston still looks bloody amazing!! #GrahamNorton
I flipping lovey Friday night wine. That is all 😊🍷
On my way home, the weekend starts here... And I have wine!!' 😊🍷🍷#tfifridayriday
The tendency to be pessimistic and negative is a genetic trait similar to hair and eye color. Some people are just born to be pessimistic.
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Frozen / Breaking bad. Brilliant. Watch both videos @wellylufc79 :-D…
Must remember... I need some red baubles. #justsaying
Check out @BuzzFeed's 25 delicious dishes you can make with leftover wine! If you ever have leftover wine...
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Sex can unblock a stuffy nose -- Sex is also a natural antihistamine that can help combat asthma and hay fever.
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Trust me this trial with Jimmy is AMAZING!!! Stay tuned. A #ImACeleb
Retweeted by Mark Holliday
Thank god #ImACeleb is back.. Takes my mind off the minor annoyances of day-to-day life... And we all love to watch a bush tucka trial 🐞😳
Absolutely pissing myself at Thursday'a #celebrityjuice #catchup
Time to catch up on #TheFlash from last night... I'm loving #ch5 atm :-)
9pm, Monday can only mean one thing... #Gotham
Muzza mixing it up at Shine 01/11/14
Shine 3rd Birthday 01/11/14
Shine 3rd Birthday 01/11/14
Cats always land on their feet and toast always lands butter side down.What would happen if you buttered a cats back #AskNigelFarage
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