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Mark Hamade
Network with top business leaders in LA on 11/6. You won't want to miss @sdslaevent and @markhamade. Register:
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The easiest way to escape from a problem is to solve it.
Are you great or remarkable? Great people look good on paper. Remarkable people look grea...
Come hear me speak at & why I love & let me ...
Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, go out and get busy! C...
Ignored my to do list all weekend. Still rushing to get at least half of it done tonight! #nomoreprocrastinating #NOMOREexcuses
Retweeted by Mark Hamade! Here's the Facebook page > great site! Join & get free cool stuff! Friend started company!
Some people have Louis Vuitton, Rolexes, I have a Phillips SonicCare(NSA determined Courtney Wiggins…
Snack Attack 2 for $5.00 location classified.
Are you a PV distributor reselling modules from a manufacturer under yr brand name? If you'll be @#SPICon, be sure to see us at Booth 2912.
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This week @TheEnergyGang focuses on how #solar has moved from $/W upfront to $/kWh through good maintenance
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I love T-Mobile customer service. I love the CEO @JohnLegere but the service for first 30 ...
@markhamade We're very grateful for our men and women in uniform, Mark. We love you too!
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One of the best & coolest PPT presentation I have seen. You should check it out http://evp...
Another reason I love @AmericanAir they load men & women in uniform before first class! T...
@markhamade We're happy to hear we've pleased you, Mark. Have a great weekend!
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American Airlines, I LOVE U! @AmericanAir I also love my good luck charm today it's my @my...
Letting go helps us to to live in a more peaceful state of mind and helps restore our balance. This frees us from unnecessary stress.
Best ultra portable light laptop or something that functions like one...Drum Roll.... make Ashli dream come true & vote!
iPhone 6 plus, Note 4 or nexus 6? Let the debate begin...
Iphone 6 plus or Note 4?
Success is determined not by whether or not you face obstacles, but by ur reaction to them...
I am ready to get on the Royals bandwagon! It's the perfect time to insert myself.... Worl...
The announcement of launching his smartwatch is exciting... I have a feeling it will leave us breathless.
@MalalaFund & @k_satyarthi remind us that education is a human right essential for the exercise of all other human rights.KA #nobelprize2014
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First time Defense recognizes PRESENT THREAT! Pentagon Signals Security Risks of Climate Change
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Warren Buffet arguably the greatest investor of all time energy investment vehicle investe...
Are you ready for a BOOM! How about a Solar boom! #SolarPower #cleantech #solar #change #solar
If U have innate ability to identify & close lucrative deals, u can transform an everyday company into a leading business empire.
Lunch. It's called the triathlete.
Awesome Company hiring. Be part of a game changing technology both in Venice/Mountain View...
I am going in for surgery. I will be out for the next few hours. I have lived a great li...
Like Moore's law before it, expectation leads to innovation leads to progress @jclevengerjr @markhamade @jaysamit #solar
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Two guys I admire so much - Nolan Bushnell & Josh Tickell via Instagram:
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The @Royals are getting it done. I'm happy for them, pulling for them & I'm wearing my jersey when they play. Go #Royals, you deserve it!
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Wow! Thanks to everyone who entered yesterday. It's not too late. Support my Foundation & win a weekend w/ me:
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Dayton Moore closer than Billy Beane to the World Series! Best GM in Baseball!
First Saturday & Sunday in a long time I am doing nothing but watch movies, relax, & relax..,Denzel tonight & Dracula tomorrow!
WOW! What a day! So much to take in. Such positive & productive energy. The future is indeed Green. #SGPConf 💚
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If you work hard on your job, you can make a living. If you work harder on yourself than you do on your job, u can make a FORTUNE. J. Rohn
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SHARE YOUR DREAMS It's the only way to make them come true.
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How easy is it to go solar? Just 254 km squared filled with solar panels would power the entire world. #equalearth
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