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Mark Davidson
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Major Ruling Shields Privacy of Cellphones…
Paint.NET 4.0 is here at last, offers major new features, performance improvements…
For game modders, I should also add that Paint.NET is useful for editing TGA images and DirectDraw Surface (DDS) files.
Paint.NET 4.0 was released yesterday! All rejoice! (A phenomenal and free image editor.)
AT&T claims ‘strong’ net neutrality would actually ruin the Internet.…
Stray cat sneaks into zoo enclosure, finds another cat (photo gallery:
The Secret Service wants software that detects social media sarcasm.…
My track record with indie games has been pretty good... Minecraft, Torchlight 2, FTL. I think Sheltered will fall within that group.
(See previous tweet) 2. There's a Kickstarter for Sheltered. A game that has been described as Fallout meets FTL.
A two-part post: 1. From Rock, Paper, Shotgun, a game review titled, The Fallout Doctrine: Sheltered.
Alienware Steam Machine now a Windows PC for the living room…
Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra. Temba, his arms wide. Shaka, when the walls fell.
Mionix NAOS 7000 gaming mouse review by Jon Martindale on June 8th, 2014 at 8:55 PM
I've come full circle on Twitter. I'm back to thinking—much like I did 7 years ago—nobody cares if I'm having a PB&J sandwich.
Corsair Vengeance K70 Keyboard Review by E. Fylladitakis on June 9, 2014 11:30 AM EST
16.4' USB iPod®/iPad® Cable ONLY $1,459.99 and qualifies for FREE SHIPPING!…
I played 3 rounds of Team Fortress 2 today. It felt good.
This handbag does not match my shoes.
WARNING: Justin Bieber Moving to Coto de Caza Orange County may never be the same!
THIS--> @firstladymb: A5: 1. Acknowledge 2. Apologize 3. Make it right 4. Thank them 5. Document it. Thanks to @zingermans! #custserv
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Just an FYI. I closely monitor who follows me and do follow back, but just not automatically. I tend to follow back common interests.
Re-watching the Magnificent Seven for the first time in a long time with the family... It's a good ****in' flick.
I don't feel like I should have to stress over what my Twitter header photo is... And yet, here I am. Paralyzed. It's greater than me.