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Mark Ballas
Just caught up on #SYTYCD the fact that @tanishabelnap was voted off is absolute insanity, she was the most versatile & consistent #WTF #SMH
Sounded beautiful tonight @ArianaGrande and your dancing was killer, loved meeting your grandma too she's incredible :) Hope to see ya soon
LOL RT @1027KIISFM It was only a matter of time until sum1 lk @MarkBallas challenged @JoJoWright 2 the #ALSChallenge!
Ah c'mon man.. Share!! Lol RT @WilliamShatner @MarkBallas @Tom_Bergeron I don't share Ballas; Shoo! Go away! Scram!
Ha ha he will have Accept for both of us lol... RT @WilliamShatner @Tom_Bergeron @MarkBallas Ballas, get another victim!
Y'all have 24 hours @derekhough @jojowright @tombergeron @ashleyedensshaffer @bobbynewberry #ALS #IceBucketChallenge #alsicebucketchallenge
Part 1 #ALS #IceBucketChallenge @derekhough @jojowright @tombergeron @ashleyedensshaffer @bobbynewberry
Change in career plans.. I will now be a sunglasses model.. For sunglass hut..
#Epic #Powerful #Mysterious #Fascinating #Beautiful #Incredible #Greatwhite #Sharkweek
Do it. Completely all over your face #markballasdaresyou LOL RT @LarryIsReal1024 @MarkBallas if you follow me I will put nutella on my face
New #jamminjingles this one is called #heyladies & this is how @dylan_chambers and I pick up chicks.. Is it working?
Second day of judging at my moms competition.. Sporting @rawhydemfg @christopherjayheller
I'm loving all your #ImMissIncredible posts on @UrturnOfficial. Keep 'em coming..
Your judges for this evening @derekhough and yours truly
FL vibes.. Sporting @rawhydemfg by @christopherjayheller #traditionallyuntraditional
Sat down on @PodcastOne with my girl @robinantinpcd to discuss #MissIncredible and my new EP.
FL bound... ✈️