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Maria Teresa Hart
Why you should adopt a "yoga mindset" with fitness: (via @greatist & @jessikneeland)
Ladies, the war is over: Every action movie team now has 1 female member (105lbs/likes fights/drinks whiskey/doesn't wear bottoms) #titleIX
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When did I become a person that spends all her money on nut butter and organic sunscreen? #mesofancy
Movie pitch: "The average human body is only 50-65% water. Imagine if you were 100% water."
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A nut milk recipe for the waaaaaaaay lazy: (via @greatist)
Yes, I did just buy a lipstick called "grandma." #knowyourdemographic #occmakeup
Frozen margaritas are really just smoothies if you think about it.
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Let the lip-synching...BEGIN! (w/ @KyleKleinboeker @cycfitness) #ClassPass
DIY nut milk in 30 seconds. No ifs, ands, or buts. Some (coco)nuts: (via @greatist)
Cold-water hand washing. Why all the cool kids are doing it: (via @greatist & @JCattel)
Titans clash! It’s the ancient battle of foam vs coils in the war for mattress dominance (via @greatist & @LauraNewc)
PSA: Spicy Sichuan food not recommended for pre-workout meal
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(whispers) If you build it, they will spin. #SoulCycle on 27th St.
Powerball, you can keep your millions. My ship already came in. #chloesfruit #treatyoself #imagreatist
Totally love this idea of greeting each day w/a positive mantra: Mine? "Don't let the muggles get you down."
Disappointed article on "Food Desert" is not a typo.
I wanna live life like Matthew Barney's Wikipedia page
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"Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos." - Don Kardong, 1976 U.S. Olympic Marathoner
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There is no I in T-E-A-M, but there are Malibu cocktails. (w/@JCattel & @greatist)
At the mere mention of the show Blossom, I start singing the word "opinionation." Why is this not on WebMD's symptom finder?
So the pricing in hotel minibars was correct this whole time? #almonds
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One good argument for tofu as protein—you can't make chocolate pudding from grass-fed beef: via @greatist @LauraNewc
Naturally I blew past everything about Tim Howard's punishing diet and fixated on his sleeping 10 hours (+ nap!)…
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soylent is like "my depressing beige milkshake brings all the joyless nerds to the yard"
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Greek yogurt, I still love you. But I want to see other dairy: (via @greatist)
Fact: Delmonico's was the birthplace of baked Alaska! #BookSmart #ReadingRainbow
Switching my Spice Girls allegiance from Posh to Sporty.
"Mademoiselle had made it expected guest editors to wear gloves, acceptable earrings, a smart hat—and absolutely no white shoes."
I'm waiting for the standing desk backlash when they introduce lying-down desks.
People, beaches are only good for tacos & reading. MT @brooklynmag A Great White Shark was caught off the Rockaways:
"Valhalla, I am coming!" MT @nytdining A Nordic food hall is coming to Grand Central:
I’ve yet to be intimidated by a fancy wine list thanks to my vast knowledge of fine wines and my eeny, meeny, miny, moe system.
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Chi-chi-chi! Le-le-le!
BOOM! ZAP! K'POW! (I feel like these peonies need some superhero sound effects.)
YEAH, Australia! How do you like them empanadas? #VivaChile
Favorite quote of the day: "I love sleep because it's like a time machine to breakfast"
Hell is getting other people's coffee orders.
“Waffles are like pancakes with syrup traps.” - Mitch Hedberg (RT via @Foodie)