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Maria Teresa Hart
Birthday tea time. Fake British accent and pearls mandatory!
Getting excited for NYC's fall cultural season & the Matisse exhibition: (via @ninabeans & @MuseumModernArt)
Is that a V-formation in your feet, or are you just happy to see me? (Body-language intel from @JCattel & @greatist.)
"Red delicious never! Honeycrisp forever!" My apple protest chant.
A sound exposé on outdated acne advice: (via @greatist @ @alexduron)
Pizza, wings, burgers—even brownies!—cauliflower is killing it as a superfood: (via @greatist & @Kissie326 )
Inbox, get ready! Cuz I'm subscribing to every newsletter in this amazing roundup: (via @greatist & @JCattel)
Is This Approach to the "Plant-Powerful" Diet All Wrong? (via @greatist & @HannahNewmanSci)
PSA: Today marks the beginning of 'tocktober over @CuteOverload:
It's open season on oatmeal! And these recipes bring the cozy: (via @greatist & @ebwechter)
A shoutout to the sidelined! Loving @sallyt's take on keeping your body & spirit in the fitness game while injured:
Pass the popcorn! How movie night can get you in shape: (via @greatist)
Breaking the hummus barrier: 32 crazy-delicious ways to use chickpeas: (via @greatist & @jhavanis)
Stuff That Happened to Me at the Food Coop. That's the working title for my memoirs.
Q: What do Sir Mix-A-Lot, jet packs & PopTarts have in common? A: (via @greatist & @JCattel)
Was just asked to limbo under a broom in order to enter my food coop. This is going in my memoirs.
Suddenly, I'm way less bummed about summer ending: (@WellandGoodNYC's fall preview)
I'm coming clean on my diet soda addiction, and how I finally broke free from the cola cuffs:
Not sure what my Scottish wife is more relieved by: that the referendum is over, or that Americans will stop quoting Braveheart
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Diet soda fiends, here's how I got the cola monkey off my back:
Down with the bucket list and the YOLO-ization of experiences:
Please don't expect me to read your magazine if it doesn't feature at least one screaming man
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Internet prayers, answered: almond butter + pumpkin purée spread (via @greatist & @tarasoph)
Why yes, there is a dating app just for farmers. Could it be for you, too? (via @greatist & @JCattel)
Curious to see what @fodorstravel nominated as the #Fodors100 hotels. #VacationReady
GI Joe goes Namaste: (via @fitbittomedgirl)
Granola bars are the Swiss Army knife of snacks—ready to tackle all situations. Find the healthiest here:
"Take me to your fashion leader." Beep boop
15 granola bars that are actually good for you! (@KINDSnacks @22DaysNutrition @larabar & others!)
Life goal: Make all meals look like cocktail canapés.
It's raining apps, hallelujah! Find your perfect dating app: (via @greatist & @JCattel)
To vape or not to vape? Busting all kinds of marijuana myths: (via @greatist + @alexduron)
Reminder: It's open season on pumpkin everything: (via @greatist @urbanfitopia)
Cool beans! How 19 health experts take their coffee: (via @greatist)
People, we could be entering a new era of tennis! Course this coming from someone that refers to men's singles as "guy match'em ups"
Tonight we celebrate Apple Announcement Eve with the traditional bonfire where we toss all the older but still functional devices we own
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Does butter belong in coffee, or just coffee cake? How 19 health experts take their java: via @greatist
People, I have seen the future. And it's remote-controlled buffalo chicken: (via @greatist)
Coffee talk! Here's how 19 health experts kick-start their day:
Peek inside the coffee cups of 19 health experts: (via @greatist)
FYI: The "strawberries" in General Mills' Fiber One strawberry Greek yogurt "meal bars" are sweetened & artificially flavored cranberries.
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