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@marissa_kai twitter conversations while you are sitting literally within kicking distance of me are the new black.
Retweeted by Marissa⭐️
My stomach hates me for eating cheesecake all night at work #blackfridayshift
Happy thanksgiving! So thankful to have these friends in my life to feast with. Missing my family but had a happy turkey day! 🐔🍂💖
Pre-thanksgiving spin class definitely making me less guilty @msalexandermae @MRae422
My diet has gone from 100 to 0 real quick
Venice Lemonade 11.24.14 🍹☀️
Man crush Monday... I MISS YOU BABY SIS @holly.nicole #mcm 😍
"You went up to get ketchup and you came back with drama" @msalexandermae @sashaleekay
I was eating a ham sandwich 😂🐶 #winnifred 😍
To spoon out peanut butter or not to, that is the question
Throwback to 5 years ago and them green hoops 🙈#tbt #throwbackthursday
Cherry lips, crystal skies. I can show you incredible things.
One month until West Virginia. ONE. MONTH! 💕
Morning run ☀️🏃7 weeks until the Marathon!
I love when I am in an ice bath for so long my toes start to turn purple #butseriously #tmi #runnerprobs
And that is exactly why I'm up at 5am on a Saturday morning☀️ #priorities #maketimeforwhatmatters #justdoit #illsleepwhenimdead
They are straight up playing Christmas music at my doctors office. Like, walking in a winter wonderland is playing...
My dog is plotting to kill I swear 🐶�
I always feel my most motivated and creative at 6am...but only when I can get myself to wake up. I should remember this feeling
It may take a year it may take ten, but I will succeed #acting #dream #nevergiveup
I just wanna be 5 again in my Moms arms 💕
Why must almond butter taste so good
#wcw #womancrushwednesday @holly.nicole 😂🎉😎
Like I just had a whole bag of sweet potato fries and I ain't even mad feels like it's 9pm's 6???
You are allowed to scream,you are allowed to cry...but DO NOT GIVE UP! #actor #actors #actorslife #stayfocusedkeepgoing
Retweeted by Marissa⭐️
On set chipotle. I'm down #actorslife
Reshoots on my action film tomorrow 🏃night!
I look like a total fangirl 🙈but I met my favorite television actress today. 🎥She told me I looked like an actress before I ever told her I was and that I had it in me and I need to go get it! I'm so so so happy, she is so kind and inspiring in person. She introduced me to her family and had a who
Still in shock that I met @monicapotter. Meeting your idol is one thing, but being as kind and inspiring as you hoped is better 💖😄😭
Totally just moved guys what do you think of my Christmas decorations?... No this isn't pottery barn this is my home
It's cross training day! Starting my day late, but time for HIIT... #marathontraining
Eric Church's voice makes my heart melt 💕🎶