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Nothing like a 5 HOUR FLIGHT DELAY 😑
Until next time.... #downtown #lewisburg #westvirginia
Night run followed by all night talking with my bestest @SophieRose234
Just wanna be in my new apartment already
First thing I need to do when I get back to LA is sign up for another race 🏃 who's with me
When your crush asks for your best friend's number
My uncles goodby advice to me was "Riss, try to find yourself a straight guy" hahahaha 😂thanks uncle Kenny 👍
Paddle boarding in the Bethany bay in Delaware 🌾☀️
I woke up in someone's arms, strange yet so familiar, where nothing could go wrong 💕
These baaaattle scaaaars don't look like they're faaading
And that marks the last day of the Miluk family vacation to Bethany Beach, DE. So happy I could be apart of it this year 😃☀️ until next time... 🌊
What's happening?!?! #itsabird #itsaplane #itsaflyingstingray
Shopped until I dropped part two #tangeroutlets
Actually shopped until I dropped today #tangeroutlets
Nobody's perfect but this top is #hannahmontana #alwaysafan #neverforget
Never a dull moment at Bethany Beach, DE when the Miluks show up ☀️🌊
I just bought a bathing suit top with Hannah Montana's face all over it 😂
I just wanna lay on some grass and stare up at the stars
The humidity may have killed me but I still got out there this morning ☀️🏃
I was all excited but I did not know what a pain in the ass contacts were
Not sure if I'm happy about sitting at the adult table at Miluk family dinner or if id be happier at the innocent children's table again 😁
Miluk family vacation. Never a dull moment 😂@justmilukk@marissa_kaii
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A little "don't worry be happy" #summernights #tailgating #pga #concerts
Some people claim that there's a woman to blame, but I don't 🌴 🍹#jimmybuffett #concert #pga
Just picked a tick off my good to be home
4th of July done right 😍watching fireworks with Adam Levine ✨ #maroon5 #pgaconcert
Concerts are the perfect way to fall in love....just saying 💕
Maroon 5 concert tonight 😍
This love has taken it's toll
SO happy to be home :) watching the storm pass ⚡️☔️ #westvirginia 🐄🌾
A middle seat.... On a red eye... My life is over
I'll be home in 16 hours 🙌🙌🙌
Please get me through this class so I can get on the plane 🙏#anxiouss
Christmas in July 🎉💕#questbars #aremylife
In 24 hours I'll be with my best friend who I haven't seen in 7 months 😳
Just can't tonight
I'm not sure why I waited over 6 months to replace my cracked iPhone but I finally got a new clean phone!
@chanelpuke: "that's the thing about food, it demands to be eaten" -the fault in our diets” @marissa_kai
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I had a dream I had some banana in my cabinet & would eat it with granola as breakfast. Then woke up to realize I don't have bananas...#ughh
My mom posted this photo this morning from our street...I am just too excited to go home 💙 2 days!!!! #westvirginia #homesweethome #countryroads #takemehome
@shakerpearl My hometown has been trying to get my story out for sometime! I thought I'd share it with you😅
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This class is dragging tonight
Remember, everything can change over night.
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