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What do you do when your best friend is visiting the citt you JUST moved away from 😭@ShaedynMannn
Because I have a cold. Not because I'm quoting taylor swift.
Red lips and rosie cheeks
Here cuddling with [insert bae's name here] Okay easy... Here cuddling with Winnie 🐶 #iliketoabusethewordbaee#donttakemeseriouslyy
come back georgia come back
There is no hurry, no worries ✌🏻️💙☀️
Cedar point with my family today 😆✌🏻️🎢
Cedar point for the day!
Breathe Marissa, breathe
Alright quinoa, can you NOT take a year to cook? I'm starving. Thanks.
Just taking a selfie with my sister. Nothing to see here...
Eat better. NOT less.
🎉Happy Anniversary to me and my Winnifred 🐶 Thanks for making me a Mom for a year now! You're the weirdest/most special dog there is and make me laugh so hard. Love you to death Winnie 💕From Southern California to West Virginia, you're my best friend😊
Chemistry has us like...📚😴💤
This tank is incredibly soft and durable! Looks so great for workout or casual. Found here:
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Third Lenny and larrys cookie today. That's how my day has gone.
is there a surgery where you can put a piece of brain that understands chemistry inside your brain? cause I'll do that if I have to.
I don't know if I can make it through 4 chem courses.
You guys. I'm terrible at being a 20 year old college student. All I wanna do is eat bananas and watch new girl
[Volume Warning 😂] Kelsea Ballerini, Sam Hunt, and Lady Antebellum concert tonight ✌🏻️ Only had a few small heart attacks💕🎶SAM HUNT YOU CAN TAKE MY TIME
Shameless selfie before the @SamHuntMusic @KelseaBallerini and @ladyantebellum concert tonight✌🏻️💕9ac
Things are about to get heated in my first year seminar class (basically critical thinking/debate class)
When you try to be inspirational and look at the bright side and your mom SHUTS DOWN YOUR LIGHT 😒1
Wooooooow had an 8am class that got cancelled. But only did I know after I made it to class 😂
Do we all personally hv to lose someone from a gun to hv a real opinion on gun control or can we just literally start taking this SERIOUSLY.
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Phone was in rice for 3 days and it WORKS🙌🏻I really thought it was done for !
Happy National Dog Day to my Winnifred who CLEARLY loves me as much as I love her 😅🐶
chemistry? more like cheMYSTERY because I have no idea what's going on.. 😅😅😅
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Mental breakdown commencing
heading to chemistry... prayers would be appreciated in my time of need.
sent dad to get some notebooks I need, says it's an good sale, 3 for $1... turns out it's bc it's the size of my hand
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FIRST DAY OF REAL COLLEGE📚Dietetics, let's do this💪🏼💚[can you tell I'm freaking out? cause I'm freaking out]
Phone is currently in a bag of rice if anybody needs me
Realizing i should probably be having phone dates with @marissa_kai everyday. Cause duh.
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You know you have a problem when...
Happy birthday Rome! Miss the good ol' days! Hope you had a great one �@RomeoMillerrm
*plays hard to get by staying at home and having no contact with anyone*
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