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Look at these two clowns people watching
<((insert clever inspirational quote here))>
Just smithing some metals
My first pumpkin of the season =)
Drunk wedding bathroom selfies
Welcome to South Carolina
My squirrel friends ♡
I look so busy at work but in reality this is what I do on the tablets
Thank you Connor for bringing this nasty fucking banana into bed last night. I almost forgot about this
Chillin with these handsome fellows
Rainbows all day @bergen17 @jaykavs @jamesanthony0
Shamus clearly having a great happy birthday
Today in my morning meeting I learned fraud fighters make great blacklights
Haters gonna Hate #adventuretime #ladyrainicorn #customsneakers #cartoonnetwork
Im happy and Niggas hate it.
Just a couple of gangstas
Emma is not the early morning type. Clearly.
Science is nothing but trained and organized common sense -huxley
2013 version of #laracroft. Now that im not bombed off of wine I was able to fix the old one. Im embarrassed I even posted it lol
Ive come to realize ive misjudged the size of this well as the time its going to take to complete this painting :'(
Finished your shoes! @yayitserikaaaa
How to successfully Transport a dog pool in a convertible
For a little boy somewhere in queens #customshoes #teenagemutanninjaturtles
Yes. Best two investments ive ever made.
No work, goin' splorin'
Despite his name Squidward tentacles is an octopus. #MariesFunFacts
One for me. One for connor ♡
@jaykavs finds this precious little baby scary
First shoe sale! Made for a little girl named Adrianna #thenightmarebeforechristmas #jackskellington #jackandsally ♡
Made more New shoes =D My rabbit already took a bite of them but whatever. #octopus #octopusshoes #painting
A little circle quickly escalated into the #cheshirecat
So that happened. Pretty dope if hes the real deal.
Fuck spending hundreds of dollars, im designing my own shoes from now on. If anyone wants a custom design inbox me or send me a message on my etsy account. #esaoandrews #painting #customshoes #circasurvive #baloongirl #baloon #shoes #customisable =)
The "black box" in an airplane is actually orange #FunFacts
My brain literally cannot absorb anymore information #finalsweek
That time I was chillin' in the Amazon Rainforest and saw a jaguar....... #throwbackthursday
Finished these little guys a while ago but forgot to share =) @steffizzzzle bring our childhood to life