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My mum's drunken rambling just pisses me off
I'm thinking of the fathers we lost and those who are missing them today. @Sept11Memorial
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can we rt and spread this as much as possible before the album comes out please
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I'm ready for new Taylor Swift music. We talked about some things last night that honestly I don't think anyone is ready for. No joke.
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Re-reading Divergent because feels
At a certain level of jet lagged, I just start answering all of my business emails with "I'll do whatever I want."
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mum brought me decaf tea so all is (almost) forgiven
Stress literally shrinks your brain.
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we gotta get outta this place, if it's the last thing we ever do
Two outta three ain't bad
'Sorry I couldn't come I was too busy having a million panic attacks'
Results day is 2 months today
My mum's Indian friend thinks he's my dad
Need them to stop drinking now.
i want to repeatedly punch my step dad in the face
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Grace you're perfect okay don't change plskty ly x
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Can't stress how much I hate alcohol.
Brought myself these beauties
if ur havin a panic attack thats bad if ur havin a snack attack thats good!!
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Sometimes I get sad and then I remember that Russell follows me