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If you don't have anything nice to say, Say it anyways ......seems to be the motto!
I feel the love today!!! #AllSmiles #Food
#LiesPeopleTell this is my natural hair.... Lol no bitch its not
If you could choose any lager beer what would it be?? Never had it
Feel bad but sometimes you gotta tell it like it is.....
That sad moment when you find a silver hair on your not grey fucking SILVER!!!!
I try to go running in the morning and yoga at night.... but it freaking sux! Soooo pizza sounds waaaaaaaaaay betta @laninabuena87
I noticed I have a lot of days off in October......I love it #vacation
Who wants to go workout with me?? Lol no....more like who wants to help me finish these donuts!
I'm too tired for this!
Lightning and thunder, lovely just lovely.........
It's almost noon and I'm not even hungry.... I think I'm getting sick! Lol
Working out this late should be illegal but yet I'm still here!!!! #DarnYouDeliciousDonuts
Whiney little fucker isn't he.....
Ya maybe watching scary movies last night before bed wasn't such a great idea...... #BOO
Everything hurts right now, so If anybody needs me I'll be on my living room floor complaining and bitching! #eh
Uhh I'm so scared of rats, gross man!!! I feel like they're plotting against me and going to attack! Lol #BeadyEyes
My plans for today? Working out a lot! Why? Cuz a beer belly is a mother!
What a fucking shame....
Do you remember when there weren't any Seahawks fan in sight.. ya well now they're popping up everywhere.
At Buffalo wild wings celebrating like I played in the game a shit! Lol #cowboysnation
Easiest touchdown ever!! #CowboysNation
That's the quaterback I love!! #cowboysnation
That's what I'm talking about #cowboysnation
About fucking time!
Lame so fucking lame
Wearing my Jersey just so I can watch the game from my couch! #CowboysNation
Game day bitches
Chicken fries and crispy fries...and you're telling me you're having a better Saturday than me??? I think not
Strawberry slushy yummy!!!
College football is better than no football.
Concealer making magic happen on girls faces! #TeamNoSleep
Who sprinkled the bitchy dust?
Pizza for breakfast?
Either my Hooters waitress is being really really nice or she wants a big tip! Lol
Happy people are the cooliest! Ha
Hooters or BWW decisions decisions.....
I carry hard candy everywhere like some type of weirdo!
Bringing out the big shirts and sweaters type of weather! <3
Everyone has problems but making everyone miserable around you won't solve them any faster!!!
I eat so much spicy food I think it starting to hurt my soul! Lol
All I know is one thing no ultimate Margaritas tonight! Lol @MISTRE353
Well this is a close game hu guys?? #TBvsATL
So who thinks #TampaBay can do a comeback? Lol
Twitter be fuc*ing up yo! I sensored it for you kids! Ha