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đŸ’€ lets get this beauty sleep peeps!#goodnightt
Been a puking monkey today!! Come to think about it, maybe those chips were rotten after
At some point you have to realize that they're not the problem, you are!
It's about that time in the season to get our fat pants out right???
We're in this together, so if you're broke we're broke together......
I'm fixing to change the channel! #MondayNightFootball
5am came along and I couldn't go back to sleep.... it's going to be a long day
I'm pretty sure I broke my TV! Hmmm what to do? should I try to fix it or bitch about it?? *bitch about it*
Seacocks I mean Seahawks and giants eh change channel....
I would rather see the rams win than the falcons!
I would love a draft beer please!
Today has been one awesome day!
Jjjjyeah easy 68 yards #touchdown dez #cowboysnation
Lets get another touchdown #CowboysNation
Heck ya biotches!
Bailey is money yo! #cowboysnation
I'll see you again in the afterlife, we will reunite. #slaughterhouse
canciones para llorar...
Pero tĂș que me has dado? Falsas promesas de amor.
#CowboysUK wish I was there!! Damn
My head hurts! My head hurts, my head hurts, my head hurts, my head hurts, ........ oh yeah my head hurts!
Brothers and sisters are there to pick on you until you're dead! Lol love them though #assholes
I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.
All those curves, you make me feel like I could be a better person. You're so sweet to me I just can't resist you this morning! #doughnut
You ever get so annoyed you start getting on your own damn nervous? Lol
Made me a vegan dish for lunch, cus sometimes meat is just not the answer!
My sister said a 5 year engagement sounds about right. well I hope her fiancé loves that idea! Lol
You ever hear someone's voice and it's so annoying that it makes you want to puke?
So who wants to go to London with me??? But you'll have to pay...... #FriendsArentFree #ha
I should make my profile private, but then I think you'd probably make fake profiles anyway just to stock me soooo lets not waste time. lol
No risk no obligation, I like the way that sounds!!
Would it kill you to put on a little bit of makeup! Geez! *Looks at herself in the mirror*
Watching #sixteenCandles reminds me of how much I loved high-school!
Follow my friend @DALCowboysLive he's cowboys fam! #cowboysnation
Plot twist when you're left in a room with someone you don't like!
No I don't think so lol @TPDDavis
90 calorie bars does me no good if I just ate 3 of them! #ahhh
I am truly blessed to have a family that wants nothing but happiness for me, and to get me fat!!! Lol