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i haven't found what home means to me yet.. what does this life really mean?
I'm listening to "Never Say Never" by The Fray on Pandora
No one told me life would be this way
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Stop sending me dms saying follow me on Instagram. I don't want your fucking Instagram.
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When you realize your full potential. You only focus on shit that matters...
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My mom pisses me off when she drives my car with two feet! It's a freaking 2014 not a 95'
This Christmas music at work is driving me insane... Thank god for pandora
I'm listening to "Good Times" by Styles P on Pandora
I'm listening to "Celebration" by The Game on Pandora
I'm ready to just go back!!
I need to charge my phone. 👌✌️
I'm so impatient when I want something I want it now I hate waiting
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Forever deleting tweets
I only fuck with a handful so if I don't fuck with you I've got my hands full
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Despite all the bullshit, I have a lot to be thankful for.
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I wanna be somewhere where the water looks like this 😍
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Ew that was gross! 😩
Been sitting in this house all day alone I gotta get out of here and my head.
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Girls with long straight hair>>>>> 😘 my weakness!
If im on facetime with you and you have me on pause the whole time i will hang up on you idgaf who you are 😭😭😒😂
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So I'm Breaking The Habit Tonight.
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still in my pj's , needa shower 😴
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Im always home alone ....I'm convinced my mama dont care about me
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So Ebola just stopped being relevant lol k
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Change it now 😑
I think it's time. 😊
Dang my cousin just sat on my bed while I'm laying down and my legs literally sunk in 😱
Whoooooo Paula DM me !!! 😘❤️😘❤️
Nope, not me 😏
I wish Michael Jackson was still alive & making music.
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Some people just gross me out the way they eat... Teeth clamping throat making all these kinds of noises ewwww like just eat normal. 😑😑😑
I swear all I do it work eat sleep.
I've never really understood that?
You gotta start living it! ❤️ you're what you say you're 🐒
I'm only responsible for what I say not for what you understand
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