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marc maron
@marcmaron Looks like fluorescent light. Makes everything look green without a white balance correction.
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The meat wasn't green. Pic came out weird I think. I let you know.
The meat wasn't green. Pic came out weird I think. I let you know.
Stopped at Smittys. Staying at Smittys. #bbq
Austin! Can't make it out to where I usually go tomorrow, so....@blacksbbq or Smitty's?
@marcmaron Watching Maron is like watching all of the hopes and dreams of a child being ripped out of their hands and returned once they cry
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Russ Espinoza talks with @marcmaron before tomorrow's Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival.… @OddballFest
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'Just tryin' to keep the conversation lively.' -William Hurt, The Big Chill
.@birbigs You say the cute dicky condescending thing. I respond with the aggressive fun mean thing. You get snotty. #ClassicMaronvsBirbigs
Dallas! Thanks for coming out to @OddballFest! Great time!
Maybe you shouldn't be working it.
Los dog LA peeps! Boz last seen in Echopark/Highland Park, if you see dont chase, just call!
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Check out Marc on Innovation Hub from WGBH this weekend. Or what the hell, check it out now:…
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I think its high time I reckon with The Kinks.
I like it a little burnt.
I gotta say if you haven't listened to me and @nicholasstoller on @WTFpod you're missing a really fun funny talk.
This indicates my escalating vinyl problem. GREAT RECORD.
Today is @nicholasstoller day on @WTFpod! Really fun talk! Do it!
I'm going to work on my phrasing. Later. #albertking
Bolt, don't buzzkill. Twitter is for bullshit at this hour. Don't harsh my feed with your control freak garbage.
I wasted a little water. I am sorry Los Angeles.
I think I'm getting refresh finger.
It's cool. Dude and a dog.
Shit. I think there's someone outside my house. Hang on.
What's up @ringostarrmusic? You're cool. Solid.
Was Jesus a fast zombie or a slow zombie?
You don't 'see what I'm doing here'.
Seriously, @JoelOsteen! I call bullshit. FOLLOW ME!
Yo, @Pontifex! Follow me! I say some good shit sometimes!
What's up, @DalaiLama? How about a follow? PEACE!
Hey, @BarackObama! Follow me! PLEASE!
i butcher my own pineapple #notcode
gonna slam some puffins
@marcmaron You're officially one of the internet's FAVORITE cat-loving men! ❤
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Annette Bening and Kevin Spacey singing in their cars in American Beauty is beautifully honest.
We've almost killed 'killing it'.
Almost anyone can do something 'well' but only a few can do it with feeling.