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marc maron
@marcmaron @WTFpod thanks for having me, Marc! Just heard it and now I want to go outside.
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@marcmaron is joined by @SarahKSilverman for the brand new second season of #Maron, starting now on FOX
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SUNDAY: Hey Buddy FREE Stand-Up Comedy at The Echoplex w/ @marcmaron @bcgoldthwait and more! Doors: 7pm.
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My morning meditation is playing along with an Albert King record for 20 minutes.
If eating badly was a crime I'd be in jail for what I did last night.
Hey, UK! @MaronIFC Season 2 premieres tonight on @FOXtvUK! Dig it.
Hey, @AndyKindler! Is today your birthday or did I miss it? If is is, Happy Birthday! 65 is going to be great. You can relax!
Today is @rubetime day on @WTFpod! Some mental wrestling! Good talk! Do it up!
Jesus. @numerogroup! Thanks for this! Fucking life changer.
Almost everything can be used as a drug.
The world will end on a wednesday. #prophecy
Lets see how @jason_bentley will spin and elevate our collective Angeleno melancholy this morning on @kcrw. Hope I can take it.
Today's affirmation: Do what you can to temper the horror.
My heart goes out to victims of the idea of Ebola.
People of the UK! Season 2 @MaronIFC premieres tomorrow, Thursday, Oct.16 at 11pm on @FOXtvUK!
I had a lot of plans for this morning when I woke up that will apparently remain a mental exercise in planning.
Season 2 @MaronIFC premieres in the UK this Thursday, Oct.16 at 11pm on @FOXtvUK!
Watching 'The King of Marvin Gardens'. Have no idea what's happening. #theseventies
Riding that edge between feeling perfect and nauseous.
I'm sitting by the SF bay on a beautiful day looking at my phone.
Today is @larrywilmore day on @WTFpod! Good talk! Do it up!
Everyone should follow my mother @RogenSandy because it will personally amuse me. Thanks!
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Thanks @Litquake! Great talk with @jackboulware and GREAT Q & A after! Thanks for coming out Bay Area!
Here's who's been on @WTFpod! Just a heads up!
'Hustlers of the world, there is one Mark you cannot beat: The Mark Inside.' - Burroughs
I wonder how many women have been horribly disappointed by men who call themselves feminists.
so much depends upon a garage sale VHS of Mr Holland's Opus marked with coffee stains beside The Corrections
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Piper Laurie in 'The Hustler' is perfect.
Prepping for @Litquake event tonight with @marcmaron, i.e. petting cats and eating baked goods
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'That's one of the best indoor sports, feelin' sorry for yourself. A sport enjoyed by all - especially the born loser.' - 'The Hustler'
Good times @NewYorker Fest last night! Thanks for having me!
On the way to the restroom on a plane I told a flight attendant i'd be right back. #tired
Google it stupid
Hey, @RandyNewman! Met you briefly last night. I was the excited guy. I mentioned we should talk on @WTFpod. Let's do it.
Rode in an elevator with Sting. He exuded the need to be recognized. I acted like didn't. Stung.
Saw Robert Plant on the street. Was he like 3 or 4 feet taller when he was in Zep?
Met @RandyNewman last night and became a stuttering fan boy. Had stop myself from asking specific questions about 'Good Old Boys'.
I'm going to let a nap win right now.