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marc maron
WTF @dragcityrecords!? A Bonnie Prince Billy & @theheavyjamz 7" w/ @BillyFGibbons playing Peter Green's 'Oh Well'!
In would pay to see them play this entire album using the same equipment they recorded it with.
Congrats to @lennyabrahamson and @jonronson! @FrankTheFilm is sweet dark gem! Dug it!
Today is @iamwandasykes day on @WTFpod! Love her! Great to catch up! Do it up!
Hey, @jonronson! Love love loved 'Frank'! Great work. Kid looked like you too!
This is a transitioning out of a relationship pillow.
Just used the restroom @BedBathBeyond and it was gross in there. Get on it.
My Jesus is caffeine.
I can leave with the aliens right now. I'm going.
#Hivemind: What 1 hr of comedy should I listen to while I can't sleep tonight,? Fave @CitizenRadio ep? Fave @marcmaron interview? Other? Go:
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If I didn't understand English this sign would be no help at all.
Twitizens! My new comedy album LIVE FROM PLANET SERPO will be released on #iTunes Aug 29 for your listening pleasure!
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If your political movement requires hiding your face, it's probably not a good political movement.
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Thanks for lunch, @bobsaget! My cheesecake shame is minimal.
Today is @tysegall day on @WTFpod! Great guy! Rocks! Do it!
Join us tonight at 11pm for loads of laughs with hit US comedian @marcmaron #Maron
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Finally getting into Jaco Pastorius. HOLY FUCKING GENIUS!
My brain seems to work a lot like a furnace.
Hey, @TheComedyStore! Spell my fucking name right on the website, please. Thanks. Love, Marc
You suck, @sprint. Own it.
GO WATCH @eddiepepitone's SPECIAL, 'IN RUINS', ON @netflix! NOW! PLEASE, PEOPLE! (to be read in eddie's voice)
People afraid of change are scared to shift their perception. No matter how wrong it is, it is home to them. Hope is hard but possible.
Hey, @blueapron! I know you are a sponsor but i didn't expect the new box and I have to say--excellent. Enjoyed cooking the stuff.
When I read in the car I get nauseous if I'm the passenger but I don't if I'm driving.
What does cold pressing juice entail? Is it like atom splitting or oil drilling? #expensive
Cold Watermelon is so fucking good, right?
I can't tell the difference between mania and happiness. WHAT AM I FEELING? (all caps may be a symptom of mania)
When you hashtag no homo you're actually coming out.
I don't know if any of you know this but @johnlegend is talented.
I'll be @meltdown_show and @TheComedyStore tonight for anyone stalking me or wanting to see me.
I'm 3 ice cream bars into not sleeping.
Remember, Folks. There is a re-exam filed and a fight still ongoing with companies with deep pockets. Podcast patent can still be toast.
@marcmaron @adamcarolla And if the big guys are only making "modest money," that means small-timers are definitely safe. That's great news.
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This is from the Patent Trolls that tried to kill podcasting! The are retreating! Thanks @adamcarolla!…
It's an ant's world.