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Marc Lamont Hill
Just downloaded Saeed Jones' new book, "Prelude to Bruise." Can't wait to read it! @theferocity
Puerto Rico is playing hard against Greece but made some tough mental mistakes down the stretch.
Practice loving everything and everybody all the time, but only hang in places and with people who lift you up.
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Oppressed people can have codes of conduct that are not about shame and stratification... Of course when they are, shd be challenged
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But I'm concerned about the collapse of bigotry, classism, and other intra-racial bigotries into the language of "respectability"
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but again, we just don't agree. And that's fine. I'll read your response but I don't want to keep going in circles.
Don't miss .@benfergusonshow & .@marclamonthill @10:30amET on .@CNN. Always interesting when they’re on together.
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We need to stop placing blame on the victim. Thanks @marclamonthill for your counter points in this segment.…
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Turn to CNN. About to appear on @NewDay to discuss President Obama's foreign policy.
Congrats to @Morehouse's @GeoffreySB7 for winning Sunday Best Season 7!!!! @BET
About to discuss Middle East politics on CNN. What's the proper response to ISIS and others?
Still on CNN.. For about the next 45 minutes...
One time for the Black people still blaming sagging pants for racial profiling.
Seeing @marclamonthill SLAYING those two clowns trying to blame Black Men for police brutality I.e. "Pull Your Pants Up" challenge.
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On CNN... Discussing the "Pull your pants up challenge"
Shout out to @STACEYMUHAMMAD @marclamonthill, etc for having the COURAGE to make For Colored Boys! PLEASE SUPPORT!
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@lanheechen@KSoltisAnderson @pennyleedc and @marclamonthill dish on the wild cards of the 2014 elections on @CNNsotu. 12pm ET.
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The award winning For Colored Boys series, Exec. Prod. by @marclamonthill is coming back for a 2nd season!
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Catch me on CNN's State of the Union with Candy Crowley RIGHT NOW!!
Back on CNN for the rest of the hour. Tune in!
Still on CNN talking about the news of the day. Tune in!
You don't want to miss @benfergusonshow & @marclamonthill together for the first time in the same room up next on @CNN #Ukraine #ISIS #CNN
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Anthony Davis is COOKING them though... He's stronger and quicker than them. And he's hitting the J now...
USA is dominating Finland. But their defense and lack of play calling is going to be an issue in later rounds...
Simple mistake. I TOTALLY see how people could confuse Charlie Rangel and Wesley Snipes. For years, I thought it was the Congressman from Harlem who played Nino Brown and Blade.
Today in '97, Biggie's "Mo Money Mo Problems" began a 2 week reign over the #Hot100:
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Love to sis @StarJonesEsq for helping to make Season 2 of "For Colored Boys" happen by becoming an Official Sponsor.…
Just walked past Atlah Church in Harlem. This is the sign they have up. Does anyone actually attend this place?
Hillary Clinton's statement reflects careful triangulation and calculation driven by political interest rather than genuine feeling.
The only problem with Hillary Clinton's comments is that they were cynically timed. She waited until the political stakes were much lower.
In honesty, Hillary Clinton offered the type of commentary that many of us were quixotically expecting from President Obama.
And, perhaps most importantly, Hillary Clinton addressed the elephants in the room: white privilege and institutional racism.
Instead of attacking the protestors, Hillary Clinton rightly pointed to the frayed relationships between police and community.
Rather than preaching unwarranted calm or drawing false racial equivalencies, Hillary Clinton put a spotlight on social injustice.
Despite the despicable timing, Hillary Clinton's remarks were actually on point. She critiqued the system and didn't blame the victims.
Hillary Clinton offers a statement on Michael Brown and Ferguson. 19 days later. Next she'll offer her thoughts on Rodney King and Vietnam.
I give thanks for the days I get TSA Pre-screen in the airport. You'd think I won the lottery.
ATL/AUC: Tonight I'll be on a panel at Morehouse College on power, racial justice, and progress. Sponsored by the Maroon Tiger and Grand Pi Nupes. 7PM African American Hall of Fame. Come through!!!!!