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KiYO  Official
Blog Update! 『2015年11月22日の『とびっきりサンデー』』 ⇒…
ブログを更新しました。 『2015年11月22日の『とびっきりサンデー』』 ⇒…
After that, I'm at #Nara #Prefecture to #cut my #hair... There's no #difference Ha! Now, I'm off to…
Thank you for listening our #program :D I was not able to #apologize for my absent without notice at…
Blog Update! 『comment te dire adieu』 ⇒…
ブログを更新しました。 『comment te dire adieu』 ⇒…
前髪うざい!明日髪切る!😓 Sucks! 😓 I'll have my hair cut tomorrow! :3
Don't get so upset over something so silly ( ´◔‸◔`)
「より多く愛した者は敗者であり、苦しまねばならない」…これ誰の言葉だっけな? "He who loves the more is the inferior and must suffer"…Whose quote was this?
Blog Update! 『パリは燃えているか』 ⇒…
ブログを更新しました。 『パリは燃えているか』 ⇒…
レジまで来て財布忘れた事に気づくとか何なのアホなのサザエさんなの (´-ω-`) OMG! I noticed that I had forgotten my wallet when I'm just about to pay a charge for groceries ;(
あと7週間で今年終わるとか…!Σ(>д<) This year will be over in only 7 weeks... ! (>< ;)
改めまして、 CocoAngeのnaopiiだよ*´ㅅ`)" やっと発表できたね☆ これからもよろしくね♪ #拡散希望#RT希望
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I'd rather #be a #thorn that never comes out once jabbed than being a beautiful #flower that is…
しかし1日はこーんなに長いのに、何で1年は速いんだろ?? ...とりあえずお疲れ☆ I'm tired again today! Every day feels so long, but I wonder why one year goes by so quickly? :(
It's what's called Homeostasis and Transistasis. Yes, I'm satisfied with that :3
Anything that lives, is composed of these two conflicting forces. Everything is kept in my heart (cont)
One is a force to maintain the present status and the other is a force for constant change (cont)
People who are suicidal can have this fantasy where they can have a temporary escape — a temporary suicide
#SundayBrunch at #Osaka w/ #Coco.Ange and Tak the producer. I've been #eating too much... ( ´◔‸◔`) It…
Check it out! MySpace Japan No.1 ranking song download! Have you heard ‘evermore’ by KiYOfficial on #SoundCloud?…
Connections are so tight that anyone can break them of.
And sea connects the world when you look forward. Everything in the world is connected. Even if they hate, dirty, kill each other.
Open your eyes and look around. Sky connects the world when you look up. Land connects the world when you look down.
Once in a while, I'm thinking of tweeting in Japanese on this account... :3 日本の友達に見つかったから、たまに日本語で呟こうかな。。( ´◔‸◔`)笑
Finally, I just watched #ModernFamily 's Season 2 finale. Long way to go... haha!
Let bygones be bygones.
Thank you for following me! :) Facebook : Instagram :
I'm in bakery, I wonder why it is that people threaten at me like a Chattering Teeth when they take a tong :P
hi everyone! im back! please play this adventure game i created! start here: @leonsintro hope you enjoy! good luck
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Looks like I'm not going home ><
Checking #RL901K by #musik the new weapon. It's great sound... We're exciting in the midnight!! I love it :)
I never lose my thought that not '1 accident killed tens of thousands' but '1 accident killed one people occurred tens of thousands times.'
Requiem, dedicated to the victims of The Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011. ‘Meguru’ by Alias on #SoundCloud…
Moved up! Alias is in the #4 at the Japan chart on #ReverbNation -> We're nearly at the top!! :D
As long as your motivation increases, as you have a well-balanced mind, do a lot of things. And first the things you can do.
MySpace Japan No.1 ranking song download! Have you heard ‘Cold Tears’ by KiYOfficial on #SoundCloud?…
Currently, Alias is placed in the #8 at the Japan chart on #ReverbNation -> Awesome, we will go for the top! Thanks!
Alias is in the #15 on #ReverbNation chart -> I wanna get first place...>< Thank you for your support! :D
Check it out! VKH Press - INTERVIEW: KiYO Part 1: Part 2: Thank u for ur continuous support!
Every time I take the #train , a #ticket never fails to #vanish into #somewhere ... :( #OMG! Is my #pocket the #4thDimension ? ( ˘•ω•˘ )
I'm KiYO. I'm a #producer, a #composer, a #radiohost, a #drummer :) And... I'm pretty much addicted to #chocolate !
How many more passwords should I set in my life... ⁽˙³˙⁾◟( ˘•ω•˘ )◞⁽˙³˙⁾

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