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I need speakers!
The beauty of time: it shows you the secrets so many try to hide.
This time I want it all.
Wish I could go back in time.
I hate the dreams I have!
Wish I could stay in bed all day.
Massive headache.
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air puts me in such a good mood. :)
Such a good day.
Wish I lived in Colombia.
Don't do things if you genuinely don't want to do them.
We all just want somebody who won't quit on our potential when they get frustrated with our mistakes.
Life of Pie is so beautiful.
I wanna go to Cuba.
I wish my phone's battery would stay at 100% forever.
I want to make the best out of everything and be happy, but sometimes it's just hard.
Don't know how to cope with this.
Extremely bored.
Tired of feeling this way!