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Manu Dima
I say 'bro' too much
Can't always rely on technology
Sorry to those that i haven't replied to on snapchat, phone issues
85% of people use music to escape from daily emotional stress.
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Phone isn't working😣
What's going on with the weather, I thought it was starting to get hotter
Tired of having to wait for the bus
It would be really useful If I could drive now
Don't know why I didn't wear a coat❄️
How can my brother say that I'm such a good liar, and that I would be a great lawyer😂
There's a story behind every person. There's a reason why they're the way they are. Think about that before you judge someone.
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Some of the roads in Southend are actually so dangerous
I can’t wait to see brick mansions
This update better be useful
69p for blacks emojis, yet all others are free? This hurts me
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Hot showers🙌
Craving for some KFC 🍴🍟
So I decide to step out to play basketball then rain comes from nowhere😒
Does anyone know if cloud 9 actually do decent trims?
Some tweets are just ridiculous nowadays
The moon looks huge
Treat others the way you want them to treat you
Rahh, flies are starting to creep in my house again
It's always hard to find a vocalist
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When you tell your parents a joke and they turn it into a lecture
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Hate it when you run out of characters on snapchat
Making music's actually fun when the tracks sounding dope
Working on another track
Can't find my phone😫
Video: Working on them 3’s🏀
I need a new basketball
When I'm full I still want to eat more
How am I gonna spent this week
"@kfc_: "who's your barber? Stevie wonder?" 😂😂😂😭😂" So you actually twee@Josh_Gigantegante you guys are actually rude😪
When you're relaxed at home & your mum rings you to come help with the shopping bags
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Haven't thought of how I'm gonna spend my 2 weeks off yet
Accidentally liking pics on insta 😕😶
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Yesterday was the worst day to go jogging in a coat😓
Check out my new Instrumental on Soundcloud
I'm gonna start singing again