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Danii's Midget
Couldn't link the box, but got the korkron set on the first run! [Kor'kron Dark Shaman Shoulder]… #Warcraft
This year's @BlizzCon Virtual Ticket lets you purchase a Goody Bag (while supplies last)!
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This year’s @BlizzCon contests will be hosted by author, actor, and all-around good geek, Wil Wheaton (@wilw)!
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So had a good stream :) i even got my puppy to drive for me on euro truck haha, Bad screen shot via prt sc and paint
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When you get the chance be a colourful Mexican yo!
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I just earned the [I've Got 9999 Problems but a Bone-White Primal Raptor Ain't One] Achievement! #Warcraft
#MethodCSGO take a convincing game 1 VS Doise #pglcsgo Check out for game 2 and show your support!
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You guys can hate me but Trick2G got what he deserved.
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Just chilling on some l4d2( GAME GIVEAWAY AT 600 FOLLOWERS ( GRID):…
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Check out this item I just got! [Flametalon of Alysrazor]… #Warcraft ezpz
Finally got this bastard camera.
I just earned the [The Sword in the Skull] Achievement! #Warcraft
I just earned the [Glory of the Ulduar Raider (25 player)] Achievement! #Warcraft solo ezpz
I loved ICC so much... what I'd give to have them days back, was the highlight of my gaming life @Warcraft
Check out this item I just got! [Tabard of the Lightbringer]… #Warcraft
Check out this item I just got! [Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger]… #Warcraft
Streaming some cs go failings and l4d2 fails in ten minutes!
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New puppy hype! ( GAME GIVEAWAY AT 600 FOLLOWERS ( GRID):…
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Transmog and gearing up done, Time to start Arena and RBG rating!
wow ran into a premade group of russians...
ezpz! invincible pls?
Took literally 2 seconds to solo this... bug much?
Got my Rogue to 100 time to gear him up
Full honor gear, any PvPers on Horde wanna do some 2s tomorrow?
Ilvl 670 on mage now, hit 700 then gonna work on PvP for gladiator title again this season
90-100 and ilvl655 in 24 hours not too bad but not great... Meh always tomorrow…
Hour nap then level 90-100 on wow
Back to Wow, wonder if it'll keep my interest for more than a week this time...
Weekend is fucking here!
That Mannoroth photo bomb - Tauren still sucks at taking selfies
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First aid test tomorrow, Wish me luck!
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I come home and try to turn on my comp and it's broken... Cool
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Got fuck all to do at work, anyone want to chat to kill some time?
Bored as fuck at work, anyone about to chat?
Snakebites done thanks to my beautiful @xDeathxKittyx
"Nothing stops the crusade!" | Cosplay by Isssse (
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There's so many spacks on heroes of the storm ranked...
Not the best lighting but my Leon kennedy jacket came ^^

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