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IvD BmthCyfmh
starcraftlife 8,602 followers
WoD: Spirit of @Bashiok, is a dancing flaming tree. Spirit - Aren't you thankful? Me - Let me get back to you...
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Sometimes i read reddit, and am quickly reminded as to why I don't read reddit
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The Razer Nabu turned up today. Ok going back to bed. Adios.
Oh bullshit baby! I've seen better days
puCK sadly falls to an in base proxy hatch but he isn't out yet! puCK vs Suppy coming up next on #IvDFighting
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Seeing Guardians of the Galaxy ^^
Be sure to check out our client @suave101apparel latest Project. Exclusive and Custom T-Shirts available now!
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Suave 101 Black Leather Bag Snakeskin straps with black leather material
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Closer look at the concept art I received from @ManMadeMoon and @Legendary from the new @Warcraft movie. So rad.
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Saturday nights are the worst, seeing people out and having fun while I'm stuck at work lol. Oh well its money I guess...
Chilling watching streams and playing Heroes of the Storm.
I have enough caffeine in my system to give a baby elephant a stroke
5-6 Hours of driving today in lovely weather ^__^
Losing to Scrubs in Hearthstone ^__^
Had a lovely breakfast with @BmthCyfmh and he has a cute tails in his car
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testing begins in a day or 2… have to admit I’m pretty excited! :-) #razernabu #thelucky500
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@BmthCyfmh See cause then we'd have the same birthday and shirt. BEST SPUDS YA KNOW
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@BmthCyfmh ohh dear... πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’·πŸ’·πŸ’·πŸ’·πŸ’·πŸ’·πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
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Think I've cracked the oil filter on my motor, oil everywhere... it's pissing out oil and smoke. Goodbye money
Thankfully my shift is over ^__^
The heat on the platforms is fucking unbareable
Just subscribed to @lootcrate to get awesome geek/gamer gear monthly! Check it out:
Sometimes it's better to stop trying to look on the bright side, and let the misery out.
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I dreamt about counter strike... I may or may not have a problem.
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Got into the Razer Nabu beta test! Thanks @Razer ! When do they get sent out? ;D
omg. its thursday! my favorite twitter day of the week :D
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Ha, going on a twitter spree after much neglect xD
Ready for a new day :3 if only Caro and Minh Nhat were awake already >.>
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Seeing as I've been mega inactive lately, people come check out and watch @LGgladius let's get him some more viewers!
Hey @LorangerChris can you retweet or shoutout on stream to help promote my mates clothesline? They ship worldwide, @suave101apparel thanks!
Hey @MANvsGAME could you retweet to help promote my mates clothing line, they ship worldwide @suave101apparel would greatly appreciate it ;D
Hey @puCKsc2 can you retweetand give my mates clothing line a shoutout on steam please? Would be a big help ;D thanks. @suave101apparel
People go check out my mates clothing line @suave101apparel and give him a follow. See if there's anything you like ;D
Personal Op: Dalaran was amazing. Music, ambience, events, seeing both facs, toy vendor, view of LK's citadel, it had it all. Felt magical.
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facing masters and diamonds all the time... so motivating!!!!!!! lol. #starcraft
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Kinda Disappointed today. Continual reminders that it is prohibitively difficult/impossible for new casters to break into the big leagues.
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Shit. Done my foot in at work
Fire alarm goes off and it took them 20 mins to decide it wasn't a drill