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IvD Lvl1OnionKnight
starcraftlife 8,602 followers
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Home sweet home! I'm making that other steak! Starving, and we have two days to go this week <3
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Installed Tinder to see what its all about xD
Have a spare ticket to see @bmthofficial on December 5th wembley. Anyone wanna come with me?
Single now... Well that was a shock to the emotions...
Actually addicted to @bmthofficial Don't look down track. They should do more shit like this!
Diamond ^^ after 4 fucking tries!
Literally the only activity I have with starcraft now is watching streams or tournaments that involve @puCKsc2 or @PaulChaloner
happiness is... not having to set the alarm clock for the next day
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Forever changing names at the moment and still havent settled on one but heres the trail! Bmthcyfmh -> lvl1onionknight -> YouMeAtMid
Looking for DuoQ partner on League. Currently Plat IV
Been up all night trying to boost someone out of bronze...
Looking for a Gold to Plat acc on EUW to borrow, you'll get a few free ranked wins.
Think I should stay away from ordering with my card and just get pizza...
2-2 in my G1-P5 Promos... the tension is real!
Boredom, done some pixelart... not very good but happy with it as a first try 68x58 px. I present... MY ONION KNIGHT!
@TheVulcanSalute cut together this awesome vid of our D&D game, because we are dice-rolling nerds. The glory...…
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Very much enjoyed @matthewmercer hot pepper review xD! Best attempt Ive seen I think.
Looking for people studying TU100 and/or TM129 for a study group. Have skype/teamspeak server. @OpenUniversity #OpenUni
Ranked Penta today. Boom. Lvl1OnionKnight just went 21/4/11 as Lucian on Summoner's Rift #LeagueOfLegends…
Gold IV, Hear that Plat? I'm coming in hot!
Literally seen the most retarded shit this morning o.O
Plat V this season? Or die trying xD
Won my last promo to gold and the game is still registered as a blank. WTF @LeagueOfLegends
So tired... Break from league I think >.<
Aim of the Day: Get Gold or die trying.
Guess who my favourite champs are? xD Btw I changed my name to something pronounceable Bmthcyfmh -> Lvl1OnionKnight
Silver 2! Hey Gold, Im coming in hot ya hear?
11 wins to 0 losses Ranked with Zed and a Penta, gief me dem Ranks! Soon to be Gold!
Sadly my LoL ranked win streak has ended at 15 wins to 1 lose :(
Absolutely dominating League today! May the streak last me till I'm beautifully gold.…
Our Custom Design products include V necks, Different material choices, zip add on options
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Anyone fancy hanging out within the Essex/London area? Just fancy chilling with people
Just Co-Ordinated my Team to victory. 4v5 all game long, 4/4/29
Perfect pizza. dominos meat lover: -ham, -beef, +double dominos sauce, +chicken breast strips, + Chipotle sauce. <3
You look so perfect standing there, in my American apparel underwear!
Congrats to @followRagnarok who wins PughCraft Invite #1 and takes $500 first place. @Liquid_Bunny gets $300 for second! TY for watching :D
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My first Hot fan in my gaming career: @Tinker_Bones