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Danii's Midget
After seeing @GameOfThrones all I'm saying is they need to collab with @CallofDuty & make white walkers/zombies map. Obsidian = cauterizer 🙌
Retweeted by Danii's Midget Streaming Half-life and possibly some Smite later! :D
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Go checkout my beautiful girls stream @xDeathxKittyx
Hit Gold nova one finally on cs go with @Bmthcyfmh Shall start streaming on weekend maybe!
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Went to this beautiful field to see the horses. Thank you @Bmthcyfmh for taking me, I love you.
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Anyone for a game of heathstone?
Some people are such utter cunts.
Lol mewp driving duty is fun, have alot of spare time on my hands aha!
Only 5 of the like 20 mewp drivers have cards to drive them. Looks like I'm on driving duty for a while! Supply'n'Demand motherfucka!
"Heaven is a state of mind, not a location." ~ Wayne W. Dyer
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Want to get this mewp back and go home
Would anyone be interested in a 5 vs 5 friendly match of CS GO when we can get enough people together? Comment below if you're interested!
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Would anyone be interested in a 4 vs 4 friendly match of l4d2 when we can get enough people together? Comment below if you're interested
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Monday shift done ^^
Me when I get up at 3am & look for food in the kitchen
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so this is what electricians get up to xD
Top of the tunnel selfie ;p I'm bored as fuck
Feeling pretty drained >.<
@Bmthcyfmh has been solid throughout the whole situation just being with me and supporting me. I love you Jay I cannot thank you enough!
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Legit had enough of work... Next few years of uni can't go quick enough
Streaming some cs:go with Danii <3
Need to game more... And uni work, That too xD
Don't point the blame when you can't find nothing, Look to yourself and you might find something
Streaming some games with my beautiful Danii Rawrte
@Bmthcyfmh *| o??o(| \* o??o\( *| o??o(| \* o??o\( *| o??o(| \* o??o\( *| o??o(| \* o??o\( *| o??o(| \* o??o\( *| o??o(| \* o??o\( *| o??o(|
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Played 14 matches of @PlayHearthstone with @xDeathxKittyx, ended in a draw :o Can't wait to play more! :D
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Got a nice sleeping pattern going over the weekend and back to night shifts >.< feels like bed time but I haven't even started working yet:(
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so here we go... first time sc2 in over a year
Gonna stream some CS:GO with the girlfriend
Just woke up and streaming CS:GO

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