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Malok Mading
wǒ xìng Malok Mading, interesting Chinese languages...nín guì xìng?
Is this the time to allow women who are in love with priests to get married? #priestsGetMarry
Prove if this is wrong or right...
Geniuses are considered to be stupid by stupid majority. - Malok @Malok_Mading
#GrantMariamJustice,it's sad news 2 hears of the Sudanese Court's verdict on 8-month pregnant mom. #GrantYahyaJustice
Van Gils deserves an award! See prove here
And the party never stopped at Franco Hotel during the Refugee Magazine launch
The Refugee Magazine launch
The Refugee Magazine launch
I am seeking funding for my college fees. Financial constraints are killing my dream. Please chip...
I'm raising money for Fund College Diploma. Click to Donate: #gofundme
Twice a refugee: the plight of a South Sudan family taking refuge in Kenya a second time |...
I just published “Kenya Driving Darkhouses’ Shuttle”…
Life is not all about winning but serving humanity... Share your thoughts on this!
In 2009, I knew things would be like this... It's different now...
The cameraman forced me to bent down and look into his device... #GoodLife
Wind + Sun gave me a new swag and a different look! Now turn on my swag. I look like who???
21st Blogger: Top 5 Legit Jobs I Can Do at Home
21st Blogger: Review: Top 4 Student IT Jobs
Do you like the fate of South Sudan to be like this? #EndWarNow
7 Reasons Why Passing Exam Is Not A Mountain To Climb
#Moyessacked, testing and tasting transition time for Man Utd! #YNWA! shares the same fate in 3 years... Pick up broken selves and move on.
How did you celebrate your Easter? As for Pr. Obama, he was rolling eggs with kids!
13 views, 16 new followers and several of my tweets getting Favorited by many... #Loveyouall
Girl Who Tweeted Terror Threat to American Airlines Released From Prison #hottopic
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I have been thinking of buying a brand new laptop! Which one do you think is the best type? I just thought of...…, Do you want to purchase a laptop? 2014 best laptops review…
Figures don't lie but liars will want to figure them.-Malok @Malok_Mading
Pillars Of Brand: Why You Should Study Journalism for Society Change...…
4 Quickest Tips and Tricks to Improve your Brain Memory .... Check them out here:
How to Succeed in Business: Hone Your Improv Comedy Skills -
Every time you get a new job, it's like having got a refreshment drink... I got it an last!
#YNWA... We can't stop dreaming... #Kopites' season!
Nobody is anybody is majority or minority.~Dr. Garang de Mabior #RIP, I miss you!
If a child lies that's immaturity but if an adult lies that's considered having an evil tongue. Unknown
I posted a new photo to Facebook
I posted a new photo to Facebook
Luis Suarez hated more than Eric Cantona... Do you agree/disagree?