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Had a chilled Saturday, kicked it with my family. Ain't nothing better!
A night with my boys playin' fifa and havin' a bbq
@MalfisWorld: Can't wait to release my new shit to my fans!” Can't wait too :)
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Can't wait to release my new shit to my fans!
Another day in studio tomorrow
You never know how truly blessed you are in life until you see someone who has it worse than you.
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After three long years of hard work, my first first EP is finally comin' out
Gettin' ready to release my first EP!
Malcolm X'traordinary stories
Declare out of your mouth "Every promise of God belongs to me, and I receive it by faith." Let’s proclaim our faith! Retweet!
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The smaller your circle is, the better.
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Say this with me, “Because of Jesus’ great love for me; I can now live worry free!” (1 Peter 5:7) #GraceLife
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Prayin' Out Loud feat. Steven Lee coming soon
Couple more days to go for th release of my promotional song Prayin' Out Loud feat. Steven Lee, stay tuned!
Turn your complaining into thanksgiving. #CrefloDollar You and I have SO much to be thankful for! God has been good to us!
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I often say, Change the way you think, and you will change your life. Are you focusing on the goodness of God today?
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Real eyes will realize real lies
Martin Lawrence confirms that ‘Bad Boys 3′ is real -- where's Will Smith?
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Magiq City " Malfis & Steven Lee " studio session: via @YouTube
If they don't appreciate you, they don't deserve you.
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Fake friends just wanna know your business to tell your business.
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Some people will never change....
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One true friend worth more than thousand fake ones.
A star is born
Winners never quit, and quitters never win.
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In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.
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When I kill a roach in my kitchen, I don't clean it up. I leave it there so the other roaches know not to fuck with me. #Katt Williams
Good morning y'all, beautiful day new opportunities. Stay blessed
A wise man once told me: work hard and harvest in the long run, work smart and harvest NOW!!!
We need change in this country
J-Z 's time has ran out, he's gotta go
Can't wait for winter #sigh
Be real, be yourself, be unique, be true, be honest, be humble, be happy.
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Sometimes it takes losing everything you have to finally grow and find yourself.
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The only person who knows what is best for you is you. Believe in yourself and make your own decisions.
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If you want something bad enough, you need to go get it.
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Never give up, never look down and never look back. Always move forward in life.
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The moment that someone tells you you're not good enough, is the moment you know you're better than them.
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Big dreams require big actions.
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Nothing changes until you make a change
I hate summer
There's no better place to kick off a New year but at church
Wish my mother could make it to this year but I know where she is, she's in peace
Better start reaping now than later, and sow in due time
Life's about choices, so be wise and make yours in time