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Definition of the word F.R.I.E.N.D: Fake Relationship with an Individual so Expect Nothing but Deception.
When things happen, the worst thing you can do is turn away from God and turn to yourself! You can't fix you. #WorldChangers
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Instead of trying to improve yourself by yourself, focus on Jesus and let him improve you! #WorldChangers
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Right believing equals right living. When you believe right you'll live right. #CrefloDollar
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The solution is never to try and improve ourselves, it's to put our trust and focus on Jesus to improve us. Get the focus away from you!
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Faith in the finished work of Jesus has provided your victory! #GraceLife
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Start to see God from a different perspective. See Him as your loving Father! #EmpoweringChange
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There’s no more barrier between you and God! The blood of Jesus has given you access to oneness with the Father. #GraceLife
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Watchin' BET the Message #blackhistorymonth
If it wasn't for God and the gift of music, I don't know where I'd be!
Life is real, and has its challenges, but God’s favor guarantees the results we need! #UnderstandingGrace
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☑ RT @PaulCabbinBeats: All great achievements require time. - Maya Angelou
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Church was amazing this Sunday, great message from the man of God #God'sgrace
Write off unnecessary people from your life that ain't on the same page with you
A musician without a BIZness mind is like a lawyer without a case #pointless
Music is a passion, a job, a career and a BIZness like any other, if you didn't know now You know!
Rappers are limited, I'm a artist!
I'm not a rapper, I'm an artist #realtalk
Thank you fam for following me.
Girls fall in love by what they hear. Guys fall in love by what they see. That’s why most girls wear makeup and most guys lie
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Sometimes music is all you need to make you feel better.
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@CASSIDY_LARSINY Get on board & praise the LORD! Give GOD HIS PROPS today HE'S the reason for your success & the reason that your still here
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I spend less time on social media cause I got more important things to do in real life!
Young Thug Banned From St. Louis For Ignorant Ferguson Comments? [VIDEO/PHOTO]
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If you love partying nonstop #On N' On then you gotta like this!
If everyday was the weekend, wouldn't you wanna go On N' On? Then watch out for my next shit taking over this summer!
It's gonna take the world by storm #On N' On watch out for it
@MalfisWorld Elisha Richards ft TroyAve "RedRum" the hottest song in the country Retweet #support
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What a cool day, church then party
For the first in my entire life I came across a unisex restroom in braamfontein #roof top party
If a man doesn't respect you, he ain't shit, doesn't deserve you!
Late night listening session!
When Jesus say yes, nobody can say no!!!
Next time your boss starts tripping tell them "I always give 100% at work: 13% Monday 22% Tuesday 26% Wednesday 35% Thursday & 4% Friday"
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Busy watching #Friday trilogy that shit's classic, can't get enuf @TheRealMikeEpps
the countdown begins #Prayin' Out Loud, droppin in two weeks, y'all gotta hear this shit
listening to the final mix of my promo song #Prayin' Out Loud feat. @StevenLee7 sounds sick yo, @Deany_babes @jaydeen_gounder
Our GOVERNMENT is not serious. How could they spend a lot of money for entertainment over lack of jobs, education etc…
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Had a chilled Saturday, kicked it with my family. Ain't nothing better!
A night with my boys playin' fifa and havin' a bbq
@MalfisWorld: Can't wait to release my new shit to my fans!” Can't wait too :)
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Can't wait to release my new shit to my fans!
Another day in studio tomorrow
You never know how truly blessed you are in life until you see someone who has it worse than you.
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After three long years of hard work, my first first EP is finally comin' out
Gettin' ready to release my first EP!