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Apparently im an asshole sounds legit
.@Aj_heftka your swag was causing too much of an uproar so the neighbors filed a noise complaint
Jk fuck it no party
19 3 chainz Hours
UPS me the nudes
snakes in a bag
Slim blowing f s in the wind
I'm comin to jarets in a man tank and thong be prepared
My mom just killed one of my lizards on accident good job Lori gold star for you
Ali is mad at me again
Jk I wanna go to jarets #rage
Who wants to come over tonight
Slim and I got deep last night
Bringing alexis panera rn
Guys my name is Alexis twig now
Retweeted by Twig
Canal Fest..?
Who's up someone text me omfg
Slim and I are having a heart to heart
Tah was gunna show you everything to faggot
Fuck off slim
Eh just enlightening some advice
Slim do you want to see what else she says about you?
Alicia McWolfy ha clever
I had to take it down she started crying wtf slim stay single
“@JIMDADDY1313: Twig i would of knocked you clean out” @Alicia_McNulty I made the right choice !!
Night twig ily 💕
Like I felt slims biceps pretty firm but he wouldn't stand a chance
Alicia is mad because I wouldn't take a picture with her but I just didnt wanna have to drop slim if he got mad like he's still young
I d be an awful god father I d probably punt the babies to be honest
I don't understand why Slim and Alicia don't date they would produce unreal babies and I could be the god father with jaret and justin
High on life and by life I mean slims weed stick
James that was about me cuz she doesn't like her
I feel like a douche for actually letting a girl rattle me but consider me rattled
@maleckiii you're puny and I will crush you, so that's what makes me hate you. Plus you beat us in basketball so you can go f**k yourself.
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Retweet this and I will personally tell you through twitter how much I hate you. :)
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To think I didn't even know slim and jaret two months ago and now I consider them close friends is unreal. And I already love Justin
Slim Jaret > Twig
I introduced Alexis and Matt, and now they're practically dating. #ImSadBecauseIWantedHer
Retweeted by Twig
I choose you pikachu 😊