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Good Morning, Steps to be a happier person? DO THINGS THAT MAKE YOU SMILE, have FUN with your Hobbies & Activities, that's their purpose! :)
Keep dreaming, its your 1st step towards Success ... :)
Class gitu yeah! RT @twt_filem: My proud moment!Cheewah! Same row with Brriliante Mendoza of Philipines! #BIFF #Busan
Werner Herzog is the only feature-film director to have made a film on every continent. #HerzogDay
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Very true @twt_malaysia: If you somehow make 50% of the company's overall revenue single-handedly, u r well on your way to becoming the CEO
True @twt_malaysia: Your worth & career also depend on company profit, so doesn't it make sense to work hard & help the company make profit?
@twt_buku @twt_filem @TheOtherManson sapa yang bash tu la org yang sombong. Org filem perlu th pendapat penonton. Bukan syok sendiri.
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"@viddsee: @Megat_Sharizal @sharifahamani congrats! :D so awesome!" Megat is currently @twt_filem curator .... Awesome too 👌
“One thing we can all agree on is a group like #ISIS has no place in the 21st century," Pres. Obama says in remarks.
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My Ans: Monsterology :) RT@DisneyPixar: Quiz: What should you major in at Monsters University?
Mohon jika sesiapa ada ternampak adik aku Fatin Nabila berumur 17 tahun .4 hari tak balik rumah .apa2 roger aku
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Cuba confirm kan- klu gajah kita panggil seekor ka seorang? Betul kai ni??
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We're people who live amongst one of the most diverse societies in the world. It's a good thing about Malaysia. We should be more tolerant.
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"@twt_filem: I do believe these films played a big impact to the evolution of superhero films as we know it now." Indeed, keep it up :)
@DatoSheikhJamal I also could've easily altered my citizenship to American or Japanese, but I chose to keep my Malaysian citizenship.
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Sorry no offence, was evaluating ur own words only, for me, if You can't speak BM its not a big deal, share with us ur journey @twt_malaysia
Your Excuses about comeback Malaysia are not supporting your testimonials about being proud Malaysian nor smell any patriotism @twt_malaysia
You also said if no radiation U would lived there till died "@twt_malaysia: @FiqHashim Because I wanted to be here. We always have a choice"
You said earlier, you cameback because radiation, no choice "@twt_malaysia: @FiqHashim Because I wanted to be here. We always have a choice"
I know you. You hide money in your underwear drawer, don't you? Now you're laughing nervously. Now you're thinking where else to hide it.
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Like the word "Log" hehe Log ith long hairs hehe "@mamuvies: Did it rain all night? I slept like a log."
Actually software tak penting. Operator lagi penting. Seni itu dtg dari manusia. Kita patut tahu kat mana kelebihan software tu
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Let's stare :) "@TheAcademy: That person staring at the ceiling might be writing your next favorite film #Inspiration
Hahaha who's back at the back? RT @twt_filem: Pencalonan individu paling byk dlm #FFM26 adalah Rewan Ishak!! Hoyeahhh
Congratulations 2 u too, 1 of your darling @sharifahamani also been nominated "@fatibee: Tahniah pada semua pencalon #FFM26. Good luck all!
Congratulation to @Bront_Palarae, @sharifahamani, Nam ron dan ramai lagi for their nomination to contest FFM26 award ... :)
Mental & Physical health are together fundamental of #FitMalaysia & Providing resources for supporting Physical health for nation @Khairykj
Agreeing to the principles of coexistence & tolerance are important to build #FitMalaysia & beginning towards the healing process. @Khairykj
We should create more harmonious neighborhoods to encourage different ethnic groups to mix & learn tolerance is real #FitMalaysia @Khairykj
Hello, Malaysian movie goers watch HK, Indian, french, hollywood movies, mereka tak boleh perdayakan lagi dari filem2 bodoh yg tak bermoral
@DatoSheikhJamal agreed sir!!. What to spend, what not is damn important utk seorang producer. So you can reduce and support mana yg kurang
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But he didn't followed his own words, by the way its a great loss "@Za1d: One of the best things ever said. 👏�"
So true ... "@NYFA: "Write a script that a star actually wants to star in.” #screenwriting"
Sad News: Another Brick on the wall, fallen off: Robin Williams was found dead in his home, Suicide or Drug Abuse?
Right now people are in coffee shops writing screenplays. Here are some of their hopes and fears: #AcademyOriginals
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Tq. "@SolehudinThehu: @DatoSheikhJamal you're welcome n semoga berjaya menentang adat mainstream dan buka mata peminat filem di Malaysia :D"
This is we call A Movie of the Year 2015, a pure Patriotic movie, Jom kekawan like this movie fanpage ramai to...
Good Morning ... Sunday ...
Please RT & Cari kereta Plate # AGQ 7479 MYVI Orange, they kidnapped a Child at TMN Mewah abt 6pm, please call 0179949364-Zul @klubbkiddkl
1st Shawal's Moon arrived, Happy Eid-ul Fitr Mubarak to all my Muslim friends, may all our prayers of holy month accepted by Allah Al Mighty
Happy Eid-ul Fitr, dengan rendah diri saya ingin MEMOHON MAAF ZAHIR & BATIN , SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI, IKHLAS daripada DSJ Sekeluarga
#MH17 Malaysia unites in condemning the inhumane shooting down of mh17 in Eastern Ukraine during today's special...
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Yes, Avatar Out standing movie!! "@nazim_masnawi: @twt_filem Tapi bila tanya Avatar filem paling best dalam sejarah kewww? Semua tak ngaku."
@DatoSheikhJamal Support our cause by getting involved in one of the following ways: share a meal, donate & RT
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When you need to have hundreds of protests just to tell the world that Bombing children is not ok, that is when you know humanity has failed
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Happy Birthday @klubbkiddkl ... May your life fill with Health, Wealth and Happiness ... and PS:
At last Google got senses, your Profile no longer blocked on Google+ & will stop forcing you to use your real name.…
Good News (@klubbkiddkl ) VIA The Verge: BlackBerry's next major smartphone will have a Siri-like virtual assistant.…