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A Very true Questionnaire to be read and spread ... thanks
"@MallikaLA: These unending Photoshoots!!!" Knock knock knock! Anybody behind this wall? Lol
Entrepreneur: You Don't Need an App for That.…
Good traffic this morning, not heavy as usual ... ;)
A very Good morning to everyone ... Have good and prosperous day ahead :)
"@klubbkiddkl: @DatoSheikhJamal dude. esok. kopi. jom. celebrate GST. LOL" celebrate early meh? Mana tahu tahun depan akan ditanguh lagi lol
"@klubbkiddkl: Farrrrk! RT @OhhMubin: @klubbkiddkl salam 1 GST ! hehe" Friends, GST start 1st April, 2015 lah! Kasih gumpak jer ker? Lol
RT @verified: @klubbkidd Congratulation, you just have been verified
Here’s the deal. As Malaysians, we stand behind our country in a painful, troubled period where we look for MH370. Kudos to ALL the heroes..
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KPCC: Only 'ocean junk' found so far as search for jet continues.…
Eyeborg for colour blind ://
#MH370 : Ocean Shield Begins Search For Missing Jet's Black Box…
@twt_filem terma ni sepatutnya dibetulkan. Penerbit bukannya yg bayar duit atau boss besar. Title Penerbit ni dah disalahguna /salah tafsir.
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.@twt_filem apa definasi Pengurusi Produksi yg Bagus? Kalau PM Bagus, distribution yg mantap, marketing kaw2, movie itu boleh berjaya ker?
"@twt_filem: Salam semua!" Walaikumusalam
Have more children? Why not? Mental Floss: 5 Creative Ways Countries Tried to up Their Birth Rates.…
@verified still hoping for the tick. or can i please have @klubbkidd @twitter (so i can finally have my name back)
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"@DesiAuntyJi: Beards. If a Muslim man has one, he's a 'terrorist'. If Brad pitt had one, he's 'sexy'" So true ...
Lessons on Twerking? US college to offer class on Miley Cyrus
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Half the stuff you learn in college will be useless, the other half extremely important. Problem is you can't tell which half is which.
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A wife 2 her husband "Eat your Dinner", Husband: Its Lunch time you fool. Wife: Not me but you are a fool, its last night's food. #OMEnglish
Within last few months @verified has verified 30K plus accounts, Malaysia on world map too, kindly consider us :) & @verified us too tq