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1st Shawal's Moon arrived, Happy Eid-ul Fitr Mubarak to all my Muslim friends, may all our prayers of holy month accepted by Allah Al Mighty
Happy Eid-ul Fitr, dengan rendah diri saya ingin MEMOHON MAAF ZAHIR & BATIN , SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI, IKHLAS daripada DSJ Sekeluarga
#MH17 Malaysia unites in condemning the inhumane shooting down of mh17 in Eastern Ukraine during today's special...
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Yes, Avatar Out standing movie!! "@nazim_masnawi: @twt_filem Tapi bila tanya Avatar filem paling best dalam sejarah kewww? Semua tak ngaku."
@DatoSheikhJamal Support our cause by getting involved in one of the following ways: share a meal, donate & RT
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When you need to have hundreds of protests just to tell the world that Bombing children is not ok, that is when you know humanity has failed
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Happy Birthday @klubbkiddkl ... May your life fill with Health, Wealth and Happiness ... and PS:
At last Google got senses, your Profile no longer blocked on Google+ & will stop forcing you to use your real name.…
Good News (@klubbkiddkl ) VIA The Verge: BlackBerry's next major smartphone will have a Siri-like virtual assistant.…
"Cancel. The. Account." 👎 but ... Rest of the story VIA Verge: Here’s why your Comcast rep is yelling at…1
An apple fell and Newton discovered the law of gravity. Hundreds of bombs fell on Palestine and no one discovered the law of humanity.
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People who think they are always right are the kind of people I stay away from.
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Want your short film to air on @PBS? Submit it now! Click here:
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News on GAZA: Kabinet Keselamatan Israel pada Selasa menerima cadangan gencatan senjata Mesir selepas seminggu ber...
You are right Joe, #GER all the way 😆 @klubbkiddkll: @DatoSheikhJamall when you have#GERR - who cares about who you're playing with. LOL!"
Tell lah straight forward you support #GER hehehe "@klubbkiddkl: RETWEET if you think #GER will win. FAVOURITE if you think #GER will win."
Hey guys! To purchase or for more information about my show "Generation Now" please checkout…
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Same as the name of the show hahaha "@neddokhan: aduh. merepek gak cerita 'lai kra thong' ni."
Selamat Berbuka Puasa (Happy Breakfast) to all friends those are fasting ... Ameen
Once again Good morning to everyone, my prayers are today to have all the prayers been excepted by the Allah Al Mighty ... Ameen
Its just Like Brazilian knew what's gonna happen ...
Mimpi buruk buat Brazil. Bola ialah permainan berpasukan. Namun tanpa tunggak harapan... Segalanya boleh runtuh berkecai!
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Final Coincident: 11th Player did the 1st Goal For German, and 11th player of Brazil did the 1st Goal for Brazil, #WorldCup #worldcup2014