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Oscar (:
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The nigga chubs and shrimpy came through to play ball in the hood! #HateThoseKids @a7xfanforlife97
And the Knicks make it 8th place in the Eastern conference!!!! :D
Nigga said "And my sweet tea?" xD
God wants the Knicks to go to playoffs!
Giving me work n' shit
I love Mondays since nobody calls pizza hut for fucking pizza rt.
Night at @a7xfanforlife97 with the grub & Spurs game :D
I can never have my car clean cus this shit has to happen (literally)
Foreal tho, niggah pranked called me when he tried ordering pizza
(612) 868-1170 Everybody prank call this fagget from Minnesota since he pranked called me at work lol, data charges may apply.
The best thing ive ever seen! Dont ask why im watching pokemon lol..
One of my role models, might not make it to the playoffs but he's my favorite player! #Melo #M7 #NYK
Driving home drunk isnt as difficult as I imagined
The reason yo girl ain't txt back on spring break πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚οΏ½
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Retweeted by Oscar (:
"Bang" by Young Money >>>
The campfire at Lauren's last night >>>