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Oscar (:
Night made yo 😂😂😂
#TBT because i miss this.. #MoRanch #MidWinters #MPT 💔😭😢
Lmfaoooo messing with the boy Víctor 😂😂😂
#TwinTuesday w/ @rellim_leahcim 👌
Time to put in some work with the bro @javier.villarreal.524 ☺💪👍
This weather ☺😍👌
Skipping school for some swimming at Corpus ☺👌🏄🏊
Quick #SS b4 I clock in! #FuckPizzaHut
#Selife #G.O.A.T 😀👌🐐
When the squad be looking fresh 😂😂😂 with @thatkidnoeochoa
Lebron's Lamborghini Aventador customed by Nike 😍😍😍
Get out me car! Lmfao 😂😂😂
Nachos at Chachos w/ @notorious_k.e.v & @im_jeanbean 👌
This song 👌 #Recognize #PartyNextDoor #Drake #MidnightJam
This day should hurry up and end!
Retweeted by Oscar (:
Cant wait for camp! 30 days left!
Its always an adventure with Kevin & Jean 😂
Chinese buffets every Sunday are the reason im fat.
Been chillen with the bro @JaviVillz since 7am 👌💪
Lettuce eating machines 😂💪👌🐇
A difficult relationship will have you feeling more alone than when you were single.
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Man its people like @JaviVillz who really know what a friendships about. Realest nigga out there! #NightMade 👌👏
Can't wait to leave in a year. Im ahead of life and nothing can stop me. #StayFueledAndAflamed 🔥
Well said Jay-Z 👌 #SadButTrue #TheyDontLoveYouNoMore
Woop woop! 1000 calories in 1hr 20min! #PlanetFitness #GymFlow
Chris Madrids with the boy @chris_hundreds
They say love is in the air so I hold my breath til my face turn purple.
Can it be October already? 😩
"Noctorious thugs" by B.I.G 👌
Soo many cute girls at SAC. Me gusta :3
Fuck you and yo last nigga
Pizza & wings every Wednesday is the best with the boy @chillcosbyy!
Travis squad all up in Burger boy today!
@MakMeAhSandwich I had one just entering Travis & seeing everyone... Lol jk
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I have homework on the first day, lovely! 😒
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