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... yall bitches & these "waist trainers" 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 TAKE YO ASS TO THE GYM... TF
scared money don't make no money 👐
me: *puts earphones in* me: me: me: me: me: me: me: me: me: me: oh right me: *plays music*
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iwish somebody would just come and get me 😫😖
Like i stated before... i take advice, but can't nobody tell me what I should, or shouldn't do... I'm gonna make my own decisions regardless
mixed 4 different louds my blunt fireee 💨🔥
💁i still bump Chris Brown first album... that's my shit. IDC what nobody say
Going back to sleep to wake up in a better mood.
She don't love nobody but the drugs😒
I swear my life is a movie. 😔
I don't even wanna have kids cus ifeel ive been a parent all my life already
Both of my parents are still alive, but it's like idont even have parents... one is just a sperm donor & she just birthed me... that's all
BLOOD has been the MOST fucked up to me, so what makes you think i can trust just anybody 🙅🏻
my mother is in for a rude awakening cus I'm done with her & her bullshit & my lil brother don't need to deal with it either.
I really need a good photographer for my portfolio update 😫
me: *posts picture* person who stopped texting me: hey me: well well well look what the selfie dragged in
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It's a beautiful day out tho ☀️⛅️
Wish i was there to turn up with Mika for her bday ... #PAsucks
checking my email, i see my portfolio getting some notice now 😍
i can't fall back, sorry I already fell for you☺️👐
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If i ain't have nothing , you kno that I will give my last up/ just to show you that it's real up on this side 🔊
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the last person that had the best of me took the rest of me, so how do I show love when it ain't no love left in me 😩💯 ?
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Kyssi passed this morning @1:57am she did not lose her fight with cancer she actually won it 😇 and earned her wings!
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If your girl is worth taking , I just may take her😛
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about to do lil princess hair so she can goto school tomorrow like yesssss 😎 lol
If she don't trip anymore🙅, yell or argue anymore😩🚫. She's NOT "lettin your shit slide" she's done with YOU💃. Shes not YOUR girl anymore.✌️💯
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Everybody got that somebody they a sucka for 🍭😘😍 no matter how bad they treated you ; you will always be there for that person ❤️👫✊💯
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