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Tinggi betul navas ni
Non-edited picture taken from a plane above clouds and a rainbow
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“Awak rokok ke? Saya tau dari xray awak,btw saya doctor so saya tak bocor rahsia patients” 😰
When I told my my mum the price of Beats headphones, "what can you hear? Sounds from Jannah?"
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daughter dalam olsen family semua cun
500$ per week kot, temptingg..
no curtain call
this indie film is sickk
you gotta be kitten me
A brief history of ZIONISM in palestine for malaysian
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"Rambut mestilah pendek, rapi dan disikat" lmfao
@Hater: Kanye wearing a shirt of Kanye wearing a shirt of Kanye 😂” kanyeception
Mickey you’re so fine
Ridiculous af
Cuz it bores me
I hate hospital
Dreams don't work unless you do
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I dont know why waking up early has been the hardrst thing in my life