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Tetibe ada screamo dalam lagu paramore ni pahal
settle for a draw
my 2009 flickr photostream is a mess lol
No more ovf in x30 😢
9 of september, mark your calendar cuz iphone 6 will be revealed that day 😏
I hate wet socks
TruValue beta focus group - The fastest business news reading experience. Period.
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ZenFlyer - Air travel can be stressful, but booking shouldn't be.
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Scout - Scout is a wireless, self-installation home security system.
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Semua nak manja payah la camni
Teezr iOS beta - Send photos and messages with a tease!
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86 matches and im still in silver III. Fml
f you don't know what's ALS, and you're just pouring water for fun, then don't bother posting videos of the ice bucket challenge.
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13 notes , thank you
asal ada assessment tetibe je ni😩
Just followed some random Japanese girl on vine and I can't stop laughing , fuck knows what she's saying
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"I was seven years old when it happened. It was about 9 pm at night. We heard the neighbors screaming so we..."
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fake it, until you make it
Lister iOS focus group - Fill your life with amazing experiences. Use Lister to plan where & when to get together
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Simplifyd beta focus group - An easy to use web application that manages your clients, invoicing, estimates and
Retweeted by haikal - Online dating without the words - just your photos, your story.
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SlidePick Android beta - Photo organizing. Keep it simple!
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3rd kit 😍😍
Style meets performance in a design innovation. The @realmadrid 3rd kit in partnership with Yohji Yamamoto.
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Yep get that a lot
Nah kepada yang pantang orang baik sikit terus perasan orang suka dia tu. Lol.
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Peribahasa yang sesuai untuk fesyen tudung ni adalah "marahkan nyamuk, kelambu dibuat tudung."
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Whipped oreo batter dessert. I need to make this!
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Russians aren't the only ones climbing skyscrapers...…
Define achtiname
UEFA fines a small Irish club for fans waving Palestinian flags. Meanwhile hardened racists at Ajax do this, no fine.
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Calm #morninglikethese
Liverpool kah!
Convenience Wallet - An original wallet with a functional and stylish design that comes in multiple color and…
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asal watch dogs banyak bad review ni