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Evening like this 🍂#vscocam
A 95 year old man gives all of the advice he's learned
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@yunamusic 😘
i want to live in a world where fall is the only season and my home is a broken space ship. xoxo gossip girl
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When you're so tired that you just can't get out of bed...
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Better than starbucks 👍�
The right to Womens Education 1000 years before the 'Western World'
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"I once was so high, i sat in my dorm speaking to yoda when he was on my back." - UT
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Barista kat sini cute
I'm so fucking tired
By world number one women's squash ranking, Nicol David. ☺️
Managed to get signature from nicol! 😁
It's raining outside,, i want to go homeeeee 😭
*tries to get eight hours sleep in 3 hours*
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White chick…ens everywhere
I'm not good with hints. We're grown. Speak your fucking mind.
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iPhone 6 Bending Solution: via @YouTube
happy bday @rasyidahothmann !🎉🎊
Kene save duit
I felt my iPhone 6 bend in my pocket!! Then I realized it was just a Poptart and I don't have an iPhone 6.
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and now i have to wake up early for classes
that moment when you are so pissed and you might kill somebody
Nigga just stole my bike fts! 😡😡
Been a fun hair year. Goood news, I'm not bald yet 😂!!!#back2redd @TWParamoree: Hayley Williams 2014”
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asal ramai pergi chicago 😦
So much for my happy bdayy 😂�
Forget relationship goals. This is what I really want 👏�
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"Being a people pleaser is a fruitless task; love is love. There's no debating that concept." - Frances Bean Cobain
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@NOH8Campaign w/ my gorgeous bestie @lynzway thnx for including us in a movement that touches the human spirit.
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