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danceart 765 followers
We will never sleep coz sleep is for the weak. And we will never rest till we're all fucking dead❤
Walking on cars were perfect 🎶✌
•Parental Advisory Explicit content•
I feel my heart aching. Though it doesn't beat,it's breaking. And the pain here that I feel,try and tell me it's not real. -Corpse Bride
The best revenge for your enemies is to be happy regardless or what they have said or done🌻
Sometimes we expect more from others simply because we would do anything for them.
Got more yay☺ Need white ones😵
•New shoes •In love •Don't care❤😁
Reading lets us all escape📖
She acts like summer and walks like rain🍂🍃
~We live in a world Built on promises Constructed by liars~ •Represent Yourself
I am who I am Your opinion is neither Desired or required.
As we fly south🎸🎹 ~Walking on cars
When you judge others you do not define them,you define yourself...✌
People are like music..some speak the truth while others are just noise✌
Wear Watta wanna wear don't even care✌
Love how red this catrice lipstick is💄
Erm...I think my beanie is's not letting me wear it right:|
Happy Birthday Ariana 20 today🌸🎀✌❤ She's perfect😚
Awh:') I Just Found Some Of My Old Dancing Shoes From Irish Dancing&Ballet🎀