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⚓ мαкαуℓα я. gєммє ⚓
scenekid 76 followers
Not being able to find outfits that match my hair >>>> #kms
Brb, replacing my heart with another liver so I can drink more and care less.
the only thing you need to know about public school is that people go hard as shit during classroom jeopardy review games no friends here
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Messy buns are harder to do than you think.
I'm buysexual. You buy me food, I become sexual.
I just want snow and twinkly lights and and my house to smell like pine trees and 25 days of Christmas on abc family. Fuck Halloween.
I hate how one minute im perfectly content then the next minute im ready to throw myself in front of a car
vine is great because my attention span is literally six seconds
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If i stay in bed ill be warm if i get in the shower ill also be warm but the distance between the bed & the shower no that is not warm
Dude turn down the TV. I can't taste my macaroni. #highprobs
twitter should start locking followers in so once u follow me THATS IT BITCH WE IN THIS FOREVER"
Having a tan is attractive. Having skin sponsored by Doritos isn't.
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The two most important days f your lives are the day you were born and the day you find out why.
Could not for the life of me figure out why my laptop's battery was so low. I unplugged it like three hours ago and forgot about it. #kms
I kind of regret never sticking to my New Year's Resolution of not dying my hair. But I still love my colorrrsss <3
Can I please just live in a world where there is nothing but hotpockets.
This is just too muchhhh.Reshaving my head againnn. #sideshaveprobs
I remember when I had around 200 followers. Then I stopped using Twitter for 6 months and I'm down to less than 50. Jesus Christ.
People like me and people like you just don't get alone. Not as friends or anything else, for that matter. Be on your merry way.
Maybe it wont turn out like last time..
I don't want easy, I want crazyyyy.