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Mahesh Bhatt
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Do not provoke your partner into doing the breakup. Shifting responsibility is not only a weasel tactic that diminishes the doer...
If your feelings or needs have changed, if your dreams have diverged, or your lives are going in opposite directions. Don't run..face it!
Mutual gratification is the basis of all human relationships.
Karan Johar should be very proud. He has an eye for talent. He gifts the nation with an outstanding writer/ director, Abhishek Verman.
2 States: ALIA is fantastic in a startlingly different role. But it is ARJUN who stole my heart & made me weep. He is a STAR! ITS A WINNER!
A director is born : Abhishek Verman the director moments before show starts.
The scent of a blockbuster brings smiles to their faces!
Moments before the screening of 2 States.
Food for thought : How come you never see the headline, 'Psychic Wins Lottery'?
Something tells me I am going to see something Gooood! Heading for the cast and crew screening of Alia's 3 rd film.
Preserving your partner’s self-respect has the compound effect of salvaging your own. So act with dignity!
Act with dignity. A breakup is an explosive scenario, resolve in advance to bite back any insults that r set to fly out of your mouth.
“She will say, ‘This is what happened,’ and you will say, ‘No, no.’ ” Prolonged back-and-forth often degenerates into a fight—or worse!
Lovers must avoid a point-by-point dissection of where things fell apart. It’s not a good idea because there’s never going to be agreement!
Don’t demonize ur ex-partner & avoid plotting revenge;it will backfire by making him/ her loom ever larger in your thoughts & delay recovery
Love makes u vulnerable. If u allow yourself to fall in love, u can get hurt really badly.The sooner u face the pain, the sooner it passes.
Lovers reacts to rejection like a drug user going through withdrawal.
A creative idea requires deviating from conventional modes of thought, quirkiness involves deviation from conventional social behaviour.
An unexamined life is certainly not worth living. But even an unlived life is not worth examining.
"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there. ~Rumi
Light, landscape and sky. There is no language of the holy. The sacred lies in the ordinary. ~ Deng Ming-Dao
Heard: The mass media is designed to make the populace crave fascistic hegemony.
HUMARI ADHURI KAHANI Vidya Balan ke saath hi poori hogi!
Heard : Anarchy is not about personal pleasure, it is about the realization of the people's desire for authentic political freedom.