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Mahesh Bhatt
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Stop Calling Everything 'Breaking News,' Please (Part 5,264) - Atlantic Mobile…
Bang Bang promo is a class apart! It raises the bar of Indian Cinema to an all time high. Superb!
Kurt was a star in Berlin in the 30's.He was thrown into a concentration camp,where he was ordered to direct a pro-Nazi propaganda film!
Prisoner of Paradise a true story of Kurt Gerron, a Jewish director ordered to make a propaganda film for the Nazis is chilling & painful!
LOOK WHO'S DEFAMING ISLAM: Cleric asks Saudi govt to raise army of 5 lakh Indian Sunni youth to fight Shias in #Iraq!…
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My mother is a Sunni and my father was a Shia. ISIS are you happy with bombing half of me?
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When you know nothing, you say a lot. When you know something, there is nothing to say. ---- UG
I am always emphasizing that somehow the truth has to dawn upon you that there is nothing to understand.
All I can guarantee you is that as long as you are searching for happiness, you will remain unhappy.
Heard: Corporations encourage conformity because a conformist society is a society that will never politically challenge corporate hegemony.
'But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?' – Albert Camus
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Thou shalt not be a victim. Thou shalt not be a perpetrator. Above all, thou shalt not be a bystander. ~ Holocaust Museum
People want to go to nirvana, but when you tell them there is nothing there, they begin to have second thoughts. ~ Ajahn Chah
'Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.' – Seneca
Your brain has been programmed to think you are an individual.
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- I am very hurt and sad that I have still not received the cash award from my state for the Olympic bronze medal that I won for my country
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"A politician divides mankind into two classes:tools and enemies Nietzche
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If #SaniaMirza is #Pakistan's daughter-in-law, #ShoaibMalik is India's son-in-law. Let's remember: India-Pak are one civilisational family.
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Mumbai: Protest against Shiv Sena over Maharashtra Sadan incident
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