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Suits is so goodddd
I bet you'll start needing me soon as you see me with someone else, someone other than you.
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Me against enemies, me against friends.. Somehow they both seem to become one.
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Mr. Conditional Lover
but it's okay i'm gonna find my way, but as for you i don't know what to say
why would you call it 'love' if you knew that it wasn't
cause i couldn't be the one to hurt him
You vs. Them
Basically the most important thing for my future husband to understand is that he's the Kim and I'm the Kanye of the relationship.
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My DM won't open for days ugghh
cause where i'm from, we live for the love, die for the love
love side, hate side, never in between.
every gem is not a diamond.💎
the way you feel is not my problem
All girls have at least 285 quotes screenshotted ready to post if shit goes down
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i could listen to jhene aiko allll day
we're in the same room, just 1 million miles away.
words mean nothing, promises are empty. i wont believe what you say until you prove it to me, until you show me. actions are more meaningful
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i need to stop overthinking and jumping to conclusions before i ruin every single relationship i have lol. i need to learn to be patient.
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i hate getting attached to people because it means i will just get disappointed and rely on them for happiness and it really fucking sucks.
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magnetic everything about you
a person can't change if they don't see an issue in their actions.
your current situation is not your final situation.
"why'd you only call me when you're high?"
"don't confuse lust with love."
"the best people die first."
"The best people die."
If you gotta force it, then let it go.
never rush things
we're not broken, just bent
I think I'm afraid to be happy because whenever I'm too happy, something bad always happens 😩😪
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we can learn to love again
i let you see the parts of me that weren't that pretty
I just want somebody to validate my bad decisions and play with my hair.
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we all want something we can't have
maybe this is the beginning of something magical tonight
legendary lovers, we could be legendary
we're just strangers with some memories
One day you retarded bitches gone realize "No Caption Needed" is a caption 😂😒😪.
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take me to churchhh 🎶
Its sooooo hot 🔥🔥☀️😩
Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are
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RIP John Nash 💜
Confidence has limits.

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