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Top Islamic Tweets™
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No life is more secure than a life surrendered to Allah.
Hard times will always be there... But so will Allah's help.
Work hard. Trust and obey Allah. Enjoy life.
Love the people around you. They're around you for a reason. We don't ever meet anyone by accident.
When you say la ilaaha illallah, your lips don't move. Its Allah's mercy- easy to say enough for even dying person.
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it's not about how you live your life, it's about the ending. ask Allah to take your soul in a state that He is pleased with you.
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Your motive for tweeting about Allah shouldn't be how many Retweets you get. It should be about spreading Allah's word.
Good words motivate us to do good and abandon bad...So keep listening to good words and you'll be surprised how focused you become.
Some of the heartache we experience only happened because we rushed and didn't consult Allah first. Pray and be patient.
Signs of Pride: 1. He doesn't like others to have what he has 2. He cannot avoid anger 3. He doesn't accept advice from others.
I pray everyone finds a spouse like this.
If you are feeling down or low, those next to you can be the reason. Try to get a better people to be with and avoid bad friends.
Recitation by Br. Abdirahman Kariye Allah says: "And We have placed within the heaven great stars and…
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When you are around positive and successful people, you can't help but be positive and successful.
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"Until you make peace with who you are, you will never be content with who you have."
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At age 17, Usama (r) was appointed by Prophet Muhammad (s) to lead a military expedition against the Byzantine Empire. #RoleModels
Don’t go the rest of your life allowing the same people and the same circumstances frustrate you. Change your approach.
The first and greatest commandment is to love Allah. The second is to love people. Great danger arises from confusing this order.
Do you love Allah enough to let go of the sins that you enjoy?
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I love to encourage others in real life and on social media, because I know that so many never get to hear that they’re doing all right.
Good advice is good advice - it doesn't matter if the person advising you is worse - take it, forget who is giving it. #Islam
Need $36,800 more for a Masjid, and Food Bank for the needy in Tangerang, Indonesia. Please donate:…
Singles: Don't do, text, or say anything that you'll regret after. It's better to let Allah lead you, rather than your hormones.
Too many "Muslims" happily give HOURS every single day to sports or entertainment, but panic to read the Quran at least one hour per day.
Some Muslims these days are "no rules, no pressure, no expectations." Go to Jannah without doing anything. Nothing like that in Islam.
Allah knows what your future holds, we only know what we see. When He says "No", it is not a punishment. It's protection.
I want Allah to rule me. I want His help to guide me - show me the way. I have no other guide, no other guide book. Islam is the only way.
As long as Allah hears me, I pay no mind to those who ignore me.
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Let us deliver QURAN to Humanity. It is possible electronically. One PDF file Modern English RT, Share, Post, Read
Walk closely with people you love. Don’t get stuck in the past, and don’t try to fast-forward yourself into a future you haven’t yet earned.
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Surah Ghafir: Ayah 60. "And your Lord says: Call upon Me, I will answer you."
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Obey Allah, not your feelings.
Some things we must let go of in order to get closer to Allah.
Instead of complaining and degrading people for their shortcomings, pray for them and praise them for the good you actually see in them.
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Rushing is telling Allah you have it all figured out. Praying first is showing Allah you prefer His method.