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Maer Roshan
Fashion Emergency!! Could too-tight jeans land you in the hospital?
Facebook is now worth more than Walmart via @qz
Civil rights heroes Schwerner, Chaney & Goodman were murdered today1964 in Mississippi:
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Dylann Roof's Manifesto attacks Blacks, Jews & Hispanics; lauds Asians as "racists who might be potential allies"
@UberFacts: When a male honey bee climaxes during sex, his testicles explode and he dies.” Jeeezzzzzzzzzz.
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WikiLeaks 'Saudi Cables' reveal secret Saudi government influence in Australia -…
Another reason the GOP hopes the Supreme Court upholds Obamacare: Price tag of repeal: $353 billion… via @politico
Black shooter = Gangsters! Muslim shooter = Terrorists! Professional shooter = Hero! White shooter = troubled loner. #CharlestonShooting
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When are white leaders going to renounce their culture's obsession with violence?
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Shalom, Jenna Jameson! Who Says Jewish Girls Don't Put Out?…
‘Recruiter’ of UK jihadis: I regret opening the way to Isis
Sorry, Diane Rehm, your explanation is BS: @TPM on NPR's "fifth column" allegations against @BernieSanders
Benny Johnson got fired at BuzzFeed. You will believe what happened next.
I've been hard on Entourage, but I should note that it's a very good date movie for you and your prostitute.
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According to former Senator Tom Coburn, Ben Carson is an irresponsible jerk.…
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Did you know every year in Vienna the world's psychotherapists gather for a ball where they wear tuxes and do the waltz in honor of Freud
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High bar, low bar. Critique -must reading to understand how WH and mainstream Israelis are talking past each other.
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Planting flowers in potholes to protest against bad roads is now a thing
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The Griner/Johnson nuptials: One of the best, strangest, longest Vows columns ever.
Fox News's Megyn Kelly can't handle the truth about race and the justice system…
Scoop!! Nikki Finke, Reclusive Hollywood Reporter, Opens her House to the Times (And Even Gives Them a New Photo)
GOP is already flummoxed about gays. Can't wait to see how they handle Hastert.
The #DennisHastert news (and the renewed focus on Mark Foley) is starting to make the GOP seem like the pre-scandal Catholic Church.
Retrospectively fascinating 2006 article on Hastert: "Dennis Hastert’s friend, roommate & fixer: Scott Palmer"
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Marijuana sniffing police dogs are becoming a legal liability…
Congress wakes up to the biggest health crisis in America--more lethal than cancer and car accidents combined.…
Today's sign of the coming revolution: "High-rent blight" and closed storefronts in rich neighborhoods.…
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Newest ad blockers can even target native ads. Wonder what this means for Buzzfeed.…
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That Duggars reality show just got a lot more interesting
Huckabee slams 'blood-thirsty media' for 'sensationalizing' Duggar child molestation report:
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Department of Graffiti Studies: The Great Philosophers: Aristotle to Ave. A
"There are places where 27-year-olds are shriveled and look 50 to us."-Russian child advocate endorses teenage brides
Listening to @HowardKurtz lecture anyone on journalistic ethics is like listening to @billclinton hold forth on chastity.
Center for Disease Control finds most "distinctive cause of death" in New Mexico is interactions with law enforcement…
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Not surprisingly, the same people who defended @BillOReilyTV's record of lies have been the most vociferous critics of @GStephanopoulos.
Smart take by @MichaelWolffNYC about 'liberal media's' overwrought response to #GeorgeStephanopoulos
Luxembourg's PM Xavier Bettel becomes second world leader to marry a same-sex partner
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Apparently the only breasts Fox wants to show off belong to its anchors.…
Abstinence-Only Texas High School Hit By Chlamydia Outbreak… via @HuffPostPol
The Rocket Scientists Making a More Comfortable High Heel
The Islamic State and Hamas Compete for Gaza…

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