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Maer Roshan
The Top 20 Names of Crazy People: an Unscientific poll:…
Blogger war rooms now prepping for climactic end of NFL Draft: ironic hyper-coverage of RTs by homophobes.
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What are you people worrying about? Print media is doing fine. I SAID PRINT MEDIA IS DOING JUST FINE.
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DisHarmony? Spring Breakers" Sequel Will Feature Drunk Teens Fighting Christian Militants
Journalists have successfully called 10 of the last 2 tech bubbles.
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The folly of digital humanists. Valuing code over creativity, they’ve traded their birthright for a mess of apps...
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An astute observation by Churchill, slightly tarnished by its use as a promotional tool by a sad vintage shop in LA.
Russia Quietly Tightens Reins on Web With ‘Bloggers Law’
U.A.E. Says They Need to Start Securing Food and Water to Cope with Climate Change
Why was the obviously venal Sergey Lavrov celebrated for so long by the Western media as a moderate. democratic foil to his insane boss?
Let's see how united the multinationals will remain six months down the road : "US. Executives Skip Russian Forum "
Some days cry out for a replay of this soulful classic by two of the world's top divas. Queeny? Sure. Passé? Never!…
America Is Losing Its Religion… and We’re All Better Off Because of It
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Indeed. RT @HowardBragman: There may be a last minute substitution at the NAACP Awards..... #DonaldSterlingisToast
"If you want to attract iOS users, dating and marijuana will get you further than marriage and cocaine." by @mcarney
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Why do I hate Ellen? Just when I'm softening, along comes a story that riles me again. Sorry Ellen. It's me, not you!
James Franco Paints Seth Rogen Completely Nude For Gay Sex Art Project -
NBC News President Criticizes 'Vindictive,' 'Untrue' Coverage of David Gregory
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The "Rosa Parks" of the right shows his true colors.…
Chad Griffin responds to criticisms to Jo Becker's book, disputes comparison to Rosa Parks.…
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The Iranian nuclear deal is working, despite the critics
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A quixotic dude called Adam Steinbaugh is grabbing #RevengePorn purveyors by the balls: @Forbes reports: