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Maer Roshan
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Is tonight’s takeaway that Republicans do great when voter turnout drops below 38%?
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What Florida needs is a governor who doesn't believe in climate change. Bye, Miami.
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Looks like running away from Obama was just the ticket for Dems.
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America, remember tonight when you bitch about "DC" in a few months. My city didn't elect the bamas yall will inevitably complain about
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Job alert! $225k a year. Exciting career with explosive prospects!
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Try to believe she was a network reporter RT @pmarca "What likely actually happened is that her delete key got stuck"…
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Harvard MBA grads -- 2006: 42% financial services, 7% tech 2013: 27% financial services, 18% tech via @FT
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Egypt court convicts 8 over alleged same-sex wedding video, imprisons each for 3 years
Islamic State earns $1 million per day in oil sales
Julian Assange has developed a potentially life-threatening heart defect after prolonged embassy stay
There he goes. Again. Former 'Vice' founder Gavin McInnes takes another tumble.…
Wow.All along I could have been calling this art? Performance Artist To Have Sex With New Man Every Day For A Year
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - Prosecutor: New York man, woman arrested in kidnapping of 2 Amish sisters from farm stand.
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Al-Qaeda Slams U.S. Inaction over 72-year-old American Hostage William Weinstein, imprisoned in Pakistan for 2 years.
The Frankenburger Is Coming Sooner Than You Think , Thanks to Google
Russian food embargo leaves Europe with glut of fruit, pork and mackerel
Al Gore vs. Al Jazeera: Trouble in paradise.…
RT @intelligencer: Police Plan to Release Name of Officer Who Shot Michael Brown
RT @qz: Whew! Ebola is not a "zombie disease," China's state-owned media affirms
Russian Prime Minister's Twitter Account Hilariously Hacked via @BV
"Black Pete’, weirdly racist Dutch holiday icon, being transformed in to "Sooty Pete" says Amsterdam mayor.…
Seeing Missouri Unrest, Views Begin to Shift Among Conservatives
Kentucky poll's most popular option for Sen. Rand Paul in 2016? He doesn't run for president.
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RT @Yair_Rosenberg: "Bolivia Reinstating Ambassador to Israel In Order To Recall Him"
"More than 70 percent of suicides in the United States are committed by white men in their middle years."
Asbestos seen as proven danger in most countries, but manufacturers are marketing it to the world's poor:
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When heroin overdose doesn't kill, but leaves severe disability. Powerful story of mother's love for son.
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Kevin Spacey's most convoluted, twisted characters, and the spirit animals behind them.
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Why you'll never, ever be as popular as you were when you were 29.…
Fascinating column by @Ibishblog on why ISIS's death-centric ideology is attracting thousands of wannabe martyrs:…
Flaming Queens? MT: Notorious Gay 'Meat Rack' Between Fire Island Pines and Cherry Grove Scorched by huge Brush Fire
There are roughly 2.5 million Americans ages 20 to 24 who say they've never had alcohol.
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Israel's pre-eminent peacenik on Hamas's big lie:… via @NewYorker
Brilliant but painful prank : Straight Dudes Unknowingly Audition For Gay Reality Series, ' via @instinctmag
Gaza's Network Of Tunnels Is A Major Hole In Israel's Defenses
Weirdest item ever: RT Keith Urban concert chaos! Dozens treated for alcohol-related issues; 50 taken into custody
Study: Fist bumps are cleaner than handshakes and high-fives
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#Iran's 'Assembly of Experts' looks around for a Khamenei successor - @TheIranPulse
Germany's super-shy super-rich
Chinese search provider Baidu is following Google with a "highly autonomous car" of its own
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Despite Hamas call for new CF starting 2 pm, red-alert sirens signaling rockets at 2:07 pm
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Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the world.
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#pt surprised. independents breaking w/ Democrats,more in both grps say Israel actions in Gaza unjustifed per Gallup…
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A good way to win an argument is to repeat what the other person just said in a "stupid" voice.
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Poignant and moving to see the somber procession of hearses carrying the victims of Flight 17 through the gorgeous Dutch countryside.
Differently-Abled Dachshund 'Anderson Pooper' Competes In Weiner Dog Race, Charms Fans: VIDEO
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