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All Things Volleyball
is it just me or do you find it annoying when girls literally shriek when they call the ball
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im might make a new twitter so when I do follow me on that oneeee
Those girls on you're team who complain about everything<<
we're all just kids who grew up way too fast
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Seriously i personally think sports glasses are ugly #noeffense
Someone on my team cant afford it & they have to quit😪#suckss
"The spotlight. The sting of a dig. That feeling when you take you're approach. The perfect set. We're athletes."
@ivolleyballs: walking into tournaments like "waddup we're here to fuck shit up"” In 2 weeeeeeks #WORKHARDPLAYHARD
I would kill someone for a brownie right now 😍🍫
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@ivolleyballs it's storming here too😁👍
Beach Volleyball is not only fun but it helps you get stronger, run faster, & jump higher {#beachvolleyball #instagood #vball 💚🌅}
They are not my classmates They're my classhates Because I hate them all
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I have never seen what @ivolleyballs looks like😪 BUT YOURE PROBABLY PERFECT
❒ Single ❒ Taken ✔ Addicted to The Walking Dead
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volleyball volleyball volleyball volleyball food volleyball volleyball volleyball volleyball sleep volleyball volleyball
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It's happening; Finding Dory
@ivolleyballs: if you think volleyball is easy then chances are you've never actually played volleyball”
Every teen should see the perks of being a wallflower