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Mady Estopare
I fucking love dogs and i fucking love cats and I literally do not understand how people can just abuse them like they just want to love you
Autocorrect saves my ass everytime
I wish it was socially acceptable to wear sweats and a t shirt to school on the first day of school
Always handing out desserts and candy in class, Sara Prideaux is definitely a person who did her best to make everyone smile. This is awful.
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If you haven't been to top golf do you really live in johnson county
The worst part about having a job is that I can't say "sorry I don't have a job mom" when I want her to give me money
Why going to a J. Cole concert is a must 🔥🔥…dE9
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Adding drunk people to fitness quotes makes things interesting
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I am the disappointment child in the family
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Maybe I'm just waiting for something that will never happen
I'm still in a daze from seeing alt j last night
Genuinely not sorry for my snapchat story tonight
#GrowingUpInKansas "Shane company a half mile east of highway 69 at 135th & Metcalf in the shops of dear creek woods open weekdays till 8.."
I am literally in tears because Sam and I lost our snap streak AND IT WAS 130 DAYS
#Growingupwithstrictparents when you come home late and your mom wants a hug but really she's just smelling you
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this scene wasn't appreciated enough
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I don't understand how some one can hookup up with some one knowing that the person they're hooking up with is cheating on their bf or gf
If I write do not eat on my cheese tortellini and when u get home my entire cheese tortellini is gone I will lose my shit
An accurate representation of my life
Can we just take a minute to appreciate how beautiful my bff looks when she's not even trying
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If your a meninist who jokes about rape think about if and when you have a daughter would u want ppl to joke about her getting raped #ok
@MACKL1N people like you are the reason girls constantly feel pressured to look a certain way. fuck you seriously
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I just wanna look good for ya
i pretend you broke me but really i broke myself
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"I'm going to be charged with battery if another bitch comments on my eyebrows" -Mady 😂
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Don't hit me up if u want my best friend just hit her up and save me some time
lol The Hills will never get old
What I don't understand is why guys think that if a girl repeatedly says no to them they can keep trying but with more force
Happy 4th of July, don't be like mattie and fall off of a golf cart
#ThingsIGetAlot "are you and mattie lesbian"

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