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Mady Estopare
An accurate representation of my life
Can we just take a minute to appreciate how beautiful my bff looks when she's not even trying
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If your a meninist who jokes about rape think about if and when you have a daughter would u want ppl to joke about her getting raped #ok
@MACKL1N people like you are the reason girls constantly feel pressured to look a certain way. fuck you seriously
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I just wanna look good for ya
i pretend you broke me but really i broke myself
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"I'm going to be charged with battery if another bitch comments on my eyebrows" -Mady 😂
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Don't hit me up if u want my best friend just hit her up and save me some time
lol The Hills will never get old
What I don't understand is why guys think that if a girl repeatedly says no to them they can keep trying but with more force
Happy 4th of July, don't be like mattie and fall off of a golf cart
#ThingsIGetAlot "are you and mattie lesbian"
Mady just randomly woke up and looks at me and goes "youre so cool" then passes back out
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@madyestoparee @_imjustchriss you think a fuck boy is going to notice if I contoured or not? I wear makeup for myself
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welcome to the world of being friends w sam
#LiesIveToldMyParents "yeah mom we aren't going out we're just gonna have a movie night and sit in our PJs"
You say keep our business on the low low
when some one asks me to hangout: "can mattie come too"
You're beyond dumb if you think I won't find out when you lie to me
I think the reason i hate mady so much is because her favorite thing to do is stick her feet in my face
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"I honestly think I have a problem because I only like men with tattoos that are over the age of of forty"
@madyestoparee because you rock & ur progressing & ur super talented and ppl would be silly to not believe in u 💙
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The real question is why did kyle let me work standing tucks today
When the crowd kept rapping No Role Modelz... FUCKING LEGENDARY.
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It would be cool as fuck if people kept their plans
Never thought something I used to love so much could turn into something I'm starting to hate...
it's not about what i want, it's allll about what you need
Your friendship goals
that guy in jurrassic world who grabbed his margarita before running from the dinosaurs
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"I'm frat as shit but I'm a highschooler so I can't be frat as shit"
Sorry hollister but my ass is too big to fit in size 4 shorts SO IF YOU COULD CARRY A BIGGER SIZE THAT'D BE NICE
"Have you ever had a bad burger from McDonald's" "No" "Exactly"
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Soooooooo many dilfs at the oak park mall on this fine Saturday morning
half past 4 and ur the only thing on my mind

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