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Every girl has a little bit of physco in them.. I have a lot
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time for a week of being able to hear all the graduations from my backyard ๐Ÿ˜…
karina made me do it
โ€œ@itsKARINAxoxo: You're beyond hotโ€ @DylanHanz
morning mimosa, cocktails in the afternoooon
s/o to @kelseykarpowich bc she's the reason im not failing
being single is boring at times.
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women don't like guys who have a whole bunch of girls on them all the time.
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missed calls and emails all going into detail
THERE ARE STILL YEARBOOKS AVAILABLE TO BUY FOR $65 so go to room 195 to purchase one ๐Ÿ˜
having my read receipts on makes me feel kinda vulnerable
If you run in the halls I hate you.
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It's amazing how immature some adults are.
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so u can quote my tweet but you can't text back
Kim woke up to a wall of roses from Kanye and you can't even text me back
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I haven't had real feelings for some one in so long
โ€œ@chanelpuke: I have met everyone's mother today via Instagramโ€
How do you get rescued if no one knows you need rescuing.
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I am snapchatting some one. I am not taking selfies to save on my fucking camera roll so shut the fuck up and mind your own business
I just want to go home