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Mady Estopare
When you're only going to be at school two days this week :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
I know for a fact that my phone is going to break into pieces at dancefestopia it's just a matter of when and how
whoever made this is not to be fucked with ok
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When you're on the 12th season and they haven't killed you off
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It's like we never even knew each other
Go SMS Raiders!!! Send me that's looking good! Go, Fight, Win!!!…
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He recorded his professor every day. �Z
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A best friend break up feels much worse than a boyfriend break up
dancefestopia couldn't come any faster 😫
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It's pointless to try to be right for someone who's wrong for you
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If I could do my 5 loads of laundry in one load then I would probably do it but that's not a thing so ima stay in bed
does anyone know where I can get an iPhone 6 screen fixed for less than 200
When your little cousin @madyestoparee texts you that she loves Halsey and you are v proud because you raised her right
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So toniiiight you should go and take a chance with her, she could be everything you wanted and more
"Why does she think I'm stealing her friends" *steals all of my friends"*
Whoever told me this was the year you'd see who your real friends are was soooooo right
I'm gonna lose myself at Porter Robinson at @Dancefestopia and I can't fucking wait.
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Don't fuck with me if you're still not over your ex haha
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I'm trying so hard to see through my cracked screen but it's so hard when the entire screen is a spider web
I'm not over it but I'm used to it
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I'm reading so many depressing tweets right now like everyone just be happy ok
The amount of TED talks I watch at school is unhealthy
Hannah Montana bumps
"Maybe we feel empty because we leave pieces of ourselves in things we used to love,"
This guy at Dick's asked me what I'm majoring in and I told him I'm still in high school and that was the end of that conversation /:
Fun drinking game: take a shot of water every few minutes to make sure you're healthy and hydrated
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I wonder if an uber would take you to and from chipotle
I find myself saying I'm sorry to everyone for everything
sleeping isn't important. Improving my gloving is. Gloving>everything @FaceMeltFam @EmazingLights @EmazingBrian
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PSA don't watch if I stay on Netflix again if u aren't prepared to cry again bc the second time it hurts way worse
My entire paycheck goes to concerts like every single time I get paid
this is why you had a son at 14
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We have millions of Americans who are being crushed by high student debt. It just doesn’t make sense. #BernieInReno
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Saying girls wearing "risqué" clothing is why boys are distracted is almost saying the reason a girl gets raped is bc she was dressed slutty

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