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Some things you can see with your eyes but others you can only see with your heart 💋
not really feelin this homework...
it's 2013 and still no African American emojis
they need to make a pinky promise emoji
losing my tan, and it's kind of really depressing
high school is supposed to be the best years of your life.. lol still waiting
My biggest fear is that I'll never be good enough
i feel bad for 5’11 boys... like you were so close you almost made it
Thug life: 🔫🔪🔫🔪🔫🔪🔫🔪🔫🔪🔫🔪🔫🔪🔫🔪🔫🔪🔫🔪🔫🔪🔫🔪🔫🔪🔫🔪 Drug life: 💊💉💊💉💊💉💊💉💊💉💊💉💊💉💊💉💊💉💊💉💊💉💊💉💊💉💊💉 My life: 💤🍔🍟💤🍔🍟💤🍔🍟💤🍔🍟💤🍔🍟💤🍔🍟💤🍔🍟💤🍔🍟💤🍔🍟
the fox says shut up
Can spiders please be the next things to become extinct
Teacher ask me what I want to be when I grow up I say "carrot" She say "why" I say "carrot are healthy. I want to be healthy" Extra credit
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A student told me my mustache was not symmetrical today. I blame Monday for this disgrace. #done
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dentist: *shoots you* you’re bleeding b/c you dont floss
i’m a hot mess but without the hot
the difference between pizza and your opinion is that i actually asked for pizza
i need to stop imagining scenarios in my head that have a -2% chance of actually happening it’s becoming a problem
i'm hannah montana in front of my parents but miley cyrus with my friends
there are over seven billion people in this world and not one of them is attracted to me explain that discovery channel