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☻ mads ☻
When you're 10 minutes into textbook and chill and your phone gives you "the look"
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order pizza is always the answer hungry? order pizza lost a loved one? order pizza getting divorced? order pizza 2+2? order pizza
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Selfies With Sunflowers
I can't get over how happy midterms make me feel when I wake up in the morning 😍😐
“can i get ur number” me holding my phone: i don't have a phone i'm sorry
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cuddling-with-your-boyfriend season is quickly approaching so if you're secretly in love with me and wanna let me know NOW IS YOUR TIME
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Cookie connection and sushi sound so good rn 😍👅💦
Vanessa was the #BB17Winner in my heart 😒
one of the next emojis needs to be a heart made out of pizza ❤️🍕
I think that as humans we should do nice things for others... Like randomly send pizza to each others houses. THAT would be a nice world
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Halloween panties from Victoria Secret needed ASAP
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I want mac and cheese 😭👅
I tried to take a cute picture with the pug and it bit me
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got to ride my fav animal at discovery kingdom😍😍✔tk
this weekend has been an interesting one
I just want December to come 😭
let's all take a moment to appreciate my math teacher's dance moves
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When Our Guide Makes us Tip 😳y
craving the beach and an iced coffee
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I can't believe we only have one week left of summer 😳😭😭
I'm literally this bored
I could live off of leatherbys caramel 😍😭
Well she's 16 so this is obviously the perfect day to share these lovely pictures I've collected 🎉🎉dpQ
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happy 16th birthday to this weirdo @itss_peytonn
I don't think I have ever or will ever hate someone as much as I hate you like honestly
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just bought my new baby 😍�9V
when the seagull photobombs 😂😂cV6
Capitola Beach 😍�Ny
#TweetSomethingYouGetAlot "did you know you have a freckle on your nose"
I want leatherbees😭💔
i didn't forward the chain messages in 2008
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