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maddy (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)
I hate getting too close to people, because when I thought they would always be there for me, they eventually leave.
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lucifer from Cinderella is based off of my cat
sometimes having something and letting it go is worse than not having it at all
why is everyone asleep!!!!!! 😑
maybe your dick is so small because you took 3/4 of it and shoved it into your personality
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Studies show that everything is always my fault.
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🍦 uhm remember energetic oranges.... yeah me too sadly ahaha well we should talk more at school I never see you!!! you're so pretty
😊😊 I love you so much and we never talk and we need to text more!!! you're gorgeous and perfect and ugh stop
🗿 we used to text a lot and have you tried the theory yet? lol we need to make a food transporter cause that'd be cool and see you next year
👅🙆🙆 dude I love you so much and you are leaving me for oakmont cause you suck but we need to hang out soon!!!! TOUCHDOWN
👅 you told the world about my behind ness on Netflix like 2-3 months ago and I have never forgiven you ✋😤
@baiIed: Hoodie Allen is great..” heck yeah he is
😘❤️ I love you to death and I'm sad I can't see you for 2 years 😢 but we should text and go to tumbling together 😘😘 and you're so gorgeous
I'm bored, you're bored wow wanna text me 😭
@ashleymilne_: already ready for big brother to start back up again” YES 😍 Rachel should go back on
the 😛 emoji appears very thirsty
Are you poor but want cool stuff? I just put up a $25 merch pack including signed mini poster
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being sick for 4 days straight sorta sucks
@TheCockiestMan: Perks of dating me: You are dating me”
@FunnyJokeBook: this tattoo sleeve is actually dope 👌🌴☀” 😍
good morning i am running off 4 hours of sleep and my face looks like it's been abused by a sledgehammer but it's ok
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You know I just said "the love of my life is in that house and I must see thy women in order to fuel my love" ~ thy love of life
Apparently Feb 14th will be a full moon. Celebrate with your lover by turning into a werewolf on your date & devouring them. 100% romantic.
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why do my friends pin me down & tickle me😠😠
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honestly you are so annoying and need to not do that.
after I drink tea I feel like a dragon
@lauryn_reno: I want my belly button pierced 😍”
aperently some some girls think wearing a scarf a short sleeve shirt and jeans are slutty
the fault in our stars is the saddest a book 😟😭