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Just got ripped in the post office
Just did an an exam in a chapel. I'll definitely need the Lord on that one !
one of the modules I chose didn't get enough people now all the good ones are gone
First exam done. Mixed results.
sneaky mom is not so sneaky
Got loo rolls for days under my bed
Toilet thief ya kno, all about that life
Sa: It's what a Latino person addresses another Latino; the Spanish equivalent of * to black people or buddy to white people @ErinGallen
It's 4/20!! Everyone remember to celebrate uh......uh.......I forget.........crap I'm starving
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so full of indian, no regrets.
Take away tonight. Finally got my Indian cuisine dream.
University (noun)- trying to manage your grades, social life, bank account, sleep schedule and health and failing at all of the above
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Getting fed like a turkey at Christmas at home
MIC and GOT... what a night
game of thrones. game of thrones. game of thrones.
Can't believe there have been 87 NOW's
What utter bullshit
Did I ever have a job or do they just not care that I stopped showing up ?
Now when I have anxiety dreams it's not hair falling out or losing teeth but not being drunk enough before going out #studentlife
Fancy a unique day out at WHU? Just Retweet & follow! T&Cs apply: #COYI
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When your mum calls you to eat but the food isn't ready yet..
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Off to work but hanging low
Someone stole my shirt from work. The shit !?
A couple of days ago I was freezing in my house.. now I'm outside in my sunnies
Sprinted for a bus... Made it. Happy.
After alcohol, marijuana is the second most popular recreational drug worldwide.
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Taking too much Viagra is extremely unhealthy and in some cases men have had to get their penises amputated.
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