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Lorenzo Jefferson
governmentmusicclothes 755 followers

Student loans do not need to get higher.Everyone deserves a affordable and quality education.#DontDoubleMyRate
Just listened to a immigration story and it really touched my heart.Please join me and support #ImmigrationReform
#immigrationreform has to happen now! We no longer can go with a broken system!
We're so excited about reaching 3 million followers, we're giving away HuffPost totes! Retweet to enter #hpheartsyou
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My goal is to have 1,000 followers by august can you all please help me #Democrat #UniteBlue #YoungPolitican
I'm proud to be a #ofafellows time to move this country forward
Together with @OFA we will enforce #guncontrol combat#climatechange and pass #immigrationreform
#Florida needs to enact Medicare expansion for citizens of the state.We come a long way.Lets not turn back now.#Obamacare helps all
#Obamacare is something everyone needs to give the best quality heakthcare
#immigrationreform is a great plan that Obama is doing.It ensures everyone is treated fairly and that employers play by the rules
Im soo happy that i am a intern with @OFA Were gonna make huge progress this summer and ensure everyone lives the american dream
Want to join groups email list please message me and we will keep you up to date on all new events happening!
Its time to hold everyone accountable and make surr everyone pays their fair share
#climatechange is not a joke we should support today!
#GunControl is still a hot issue Please support it now!
I am a intern of #OFA I'm Soo happy Time to get working on these important issues
We need #Jobs in infrastructure, factories and we need to give #smallbusiness subsides instead of big corporations. We need to get on track
We no longer can wait on the #Immigration bill. We must must take action now!!
Happy #MemorialDay to all of our brave men and women!
Investing in this country means creating #Jobs , building our #Environment and helping #Education!
Every #Veteran deserves to be successful after service. It's time for our country to stand up and help them!
Enforce #CapAndTrade and our country will move toward Environmental prosperity!
Please attended the @OFA policy call You will learn a lot!
Good education leads to good paying jobs which leads to a Healthy Prosperous Economy #ReformEducation
Darrell Issa slams IRS watchdog for not alerting Congress to the targeting of conservative groups earlier
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We are on our way to passing a fair #immigration bill. Lets ensure everyone has a fair but accountable path to citizenship!
Might become a #ObamaFellow Just gave my interview!
#Climatechange is real Now we need to do something about it!
Attended a fundraiser for #CorryWestbrook Please support her!
Supporting #Education will help every child despite of income.But our #government needs to stop teaching the test.And teach real education
Close the #Tax loopholes It's time to be fair and help all Americans!
I am so happy @FlaDems followed me I know they will help me in my future political career.And in 2014 our Governor will be a #Democrat
@LzoJ Help at-risk kids get books:… Most have no books at all in the home! Retweet if you support #literacy!
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#Investment in #Education is a something that needs to happen.Every #Child deserves it !
Obama: Republicans ‘dishonor’ Benghazi victims with ‘political circus’ | The Raw Story…
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It's time for democrats and republicans to get #Fiscalconservative on our budget.Reduce the #Debt, and invest In trade.
#Cutting the #Budget would help this country.We need to work on #fiscal policy before we can do anything else.
@LzoJ Yes, I agree. Problem is that most of the people in #DC R not trustworthy. They continually vote against the will of the people.
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It's time #Politics as usual to end. Lets stand up to #lobbylist and find out what happen in #benghazi
#occupywallstreet Its to remind the big banks that they dont have all the power
If GOP continues this political witchhunt there'll be even less $ for embassy security-- already cut $300 mn in 2012
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The IRS was wrong to target the tea party. They should’ve gone after all 501(c)4s.…
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6.6 million: The estimated number of guns sold each year in the United States without a background check.
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The six #Democratic that voted against gun reform need to get out of office! They should be ashamed of themselves #OccupyGunControl
'Rock Center' Canceled: NBC News Axes Brian Williams' Primetime Newsmagazine via @HuffPostMedia
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We should have a #Balenced #Budget amendment. If americans have to balence their checkbooks so should #Congress !
Should we raise the #Debt ceiling ..NO! Do we have a solution? Stop #GOVERNMENT #SPENDING if you dont have the #Money dont spend more!